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Sport hotels! Are you looking for Hotels, Country houses or lodgings to enjoy your sports to the fullest? Country houses, hotels, accommodations and apartments with outstanding sport facilities! Rusticae has selected the best sport hotels with amazing locations and facilities!



Rusticae sport hotels If you enjoy sports wherever you are, and when you travel, choose accommodations that allow you to exercise, we recommend that you take a look at these hotels. Beyond the gym, you will find hotels surrounded by a perfect environment for outdoor activities at any time of the year, from golf to skiing, from cycling routes to horseback riding. Many of these hotels are located on large properties where it is possible to play sports without leaving the hotel. Others can recommend activities and will put you in contact with companies in the area so you can enjoy sports. We also have hotels that have set up their own active tourism company, and offer, among other experiences, canyoning, kayaking, quad biking, mountain biking, climbing ... Whether you are a born sportsman or just like to play sports from time to time, there is always something suitable to find in one of our sport hotels. Hotels for athletes and for sports rural with charm Rusticae! Are you looking for Sports and sports hotels that make a difference? In Rusticae we have selected the best Hotels for athletes and sports for quality criteria, both for its location, environment, hotel qualities as well as the exquisite attention to detail and customer. Online Booking Hotels for athletes and for sports Book now your hotel room for athletes and sports . Turn your stay for athletes and for sports into a unique experience by staying in the best Hotel for athletes and for sports carefully selected. Still don't know where to book your hotel room for athletes and for sports ? In Rusticae we have selected only the best Hotels and Rural Houses for athletes and to do sports under quality criteria so that your trip is a perfect hotel experience, different from a simple overnight stay with all the comforts and requirements of a hotel for athletes and to do sport We work so that your trip becomes a rural experience for athletes and for sports, a unique overnight stay that you will want to repeat for sure. A family trip to a hotel for athletes and sports, a family rural vacation for athletes and to do unique sports, a rural weekend with your children for athletes and to do sports of all kinds. Our selection only includes the best Charming hotels for athletes and for sports that make a difference selected under rigorous quality criteria that make a difference. Are you looking for a hotel or country house for athletes and for sports and charm, design, with a perfect service and unique location? A luxury weekend rural hotel for athletes and sports that admit pets? Enter the dates you have planned for your trip and check availability, it is very easy to book online your Hotel or cottage adapted and accessible for disabled people with reduced mobility in wheelchairs with Rusticae. Pack your bags because with Rusticae you ensure a unique stay, a different experience in a Hotel for athletes and for sports Rusticae. Reserve now