Start up your own Hotel

Are you interested in entering the hotel business?

We can help you.

In 2000, due to our experience being a quality brand in the boutique hotel industry, we created an advisory service for people wanting to start up their own hotel.

We have a solid team of professionals, economists, architects, decorators, etc., and the necessary equipment to ensure the project’s development.

For more information contact Pilar Calleja


1. Project viability

The Viability Plan is a key document for decision-making in a new business, applying for grants and negotiating with banks. It includes the following documents:

  • A project report
  • A market study with employment information and prices
  • An economic and financial analysis with an income statement for the next three years
  • Documents relevant to requesting funding and / or grants
  • This plan takes a look at the lodging, breakfast and dinner for the hotel guests. It also includes the possible revenue generated by non-hosted clients that use the Spa. In addition, the consultant can give advice/lessons to a currently operating hotel, regarding its operations and its facilities.

    2. Strategic Marketing Plan

    A plan that is eminently practical. It details all of the steps needed to market and position your future hotel. This tool is essential for the management of a "Small Hotel with Character" and the proper marketing. It includes a project report, a study of the industry, marketing objectives, the development of the marketing mix and the marketing and promotion actions that will be needed to be performed. It also includes an annex with the necessary information for these activities.

    3. Trainig

    The Rey Juan Carlos University, in its continuous search for innovation in tourism training, and Rusticae, a national benchmark and pioneer in the marketing of hotels with character, are aware of the importance of quality training and specialization. Therefore, they have together launched the Specialization in Hotels with Character Management-Management-Rusticae course. The course is mainly for professionals in the hotel sector and university graduates that would like to become specialized in the management of hotels with character. Places are limited so the selection will be based on the CV and / or transcripts. For more information, contact Cristina Figueroa -

    4. Rusticae Hotel Quality Manual

    This manual contains the aspects that identify the overall quality of these hotels, viewed from their tangible and intangible aspects. It covers the whole trajectory, from the reservation to the billing process, describing in detail all of the tasks that are carried out in the management, reception and housekeeping positions. In short, it is an indispensable guide that aids in the configuration of an excellent hotel with character.

    5. Rusticae Breakfasts

    A dossier and DVD featuring the pastry chef Paco Torreblanca as he demonstrates the creation of various arrangements to offer a special breakfast.

Consulting Services Rates

  • Viability Plan: 1,500 €
  • Architects Summum Design: price upon request
  • Strategic Marketing Plan: 2,750 €
  • Training (Masters in Hotel Management with Character): price upon request
  • Rusticae Hotel Quality Manual: 1,800 €
  • Decoration Summum Design: price upon request
  • Rusticae breakfast: 200 €
* All prices shown on this page are estimates and will be determined on a case-by-case basis, taking into consideration both the contracted services and the size of the project. Budgets are valid for three months after the generation of the receipt. These rates do not include VAT (21%). To formalize any of our services, a contract will be signed detailing the contracted services, the total price and the payment method.