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El Acebo de Casa Muria

C Única, 8     Renanué - Valle de Benasque  (Huesca - Hotels in Spain) Show in map
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"Huesca Facing the vastness of the Benasque Valley"


Peering out of a window, you are greeted by the silhouette of the famous Gallinero peak, home to the Cerler black run at the Benasque ski resort in Huesca. Views to the south however overlook the dense forest, bursting with mix of deciduous and evergreen trees. Nature lovers will appreciate such a privileged...

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9.7 Breakfast
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Pyrenean Axis Route Experience
499 €
For 2 Pax / 2 nights

Experience "Pyrenean Axis Route N-260"

Hotel El Acebo de Casa Muria’s proposal is truly unique, since it can only be done here for several reasons: first, because of its location since in the immediate vicinity of the hotel passes one of the best routes for motorcycle lovers, Route N-260, which connects the Mediterranean Sea with the Biscay Bay. The second reason is the Ducatti motorcycle collection exhibited in the hotel, unique in the...

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Experience Discover Pyrenees
2,940 €
For 1 Pax / 7 nights
* Minimum 2 people

Discover the Pyrenees: Hiking and Trekking

The picturesque valleys of the Pyrenees offer an infinite number of hiking trails to explore and awaken the senses. If you enjoy plunging waterfalls, dense forests, and incredible views, this is the experience for you.

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2,500 €
For 1 Pax / 7 nights
* Minimum 1 people

"Discovering Pyrenees: Relax and Disconnect" Experience

RUSTICAE Experience: "Discovering the Pyrenees: Relax and Disconnect". We will visit the Pyrenees most beautiful places accompanied at all times by leading experts and guides: Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park, Valles Occidentales Natural Park, Los Mallos de Riglos, Isabena Valley, Sierra y Cañones de Guara Natural Park and Posets-Maladeta Natural Park. Places so beautiful and different from one...

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