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Isabel y Carlota

The origins: Isabel & Carlota

Asturias 1996, it all started there running a small charming hotel... We learned that soul lives in every detail, because we need emotion to live and real emotion comes from the little things: a breathtaking sunset, the smell of freshly baked bread, the sound of crackling firewood, the steady breath of the person you love next to you and, most certainly, the care given to us from the people who do their best to make us feel at ease...

Our desire is to discover those little gems, those personal projects, the wonderful people behind them. We are passionate about sincere hospitality, about true hoteliers who are completely devoted to every little detail.

We invite you to step into this world that we are so passionate about and that perfectly matches our understanding of life. Travel with us! Here EMOTION LIES IN THE DETAILS... those great little details that change everything!

Rusticae today

A Club for people like you

The club for those who enjoy the good life in their leisure time. Those who want to leave the city, enjoy the scenery, breathe in the fresh air of the countryside and the sea, indulge in good food, relaxation and feelings.

Now, when you join our membership club Rusticae & Friends, we offer you exclusive services. Here, we help you arrange special trips with unpublished plans, various benefits and surprises. Become a member now!

Cena familiar con encanto
Equipo Rusticae

Created by people like us...

Many years ago, we realized that there were unique and hidden places that needed to be shared with others.

Rusticae is the perfect bridge between the best establishments and guests like you who seek special places to relax, to be pampered and taken care of.

You will always have peace of mind, knowing that there will be no unpleasant surprises, because our team always looks after you.

In the meantime, we continue to discover...

...New places where you can live the magic of Rusticae.

Boutique Hotels for when you seek tranquility and authenticity.

Lovely restaurants where you can taste the finest ingredients and the most wonderful elaborations.

Small wineries where you can learn about the world of wine.

Fabulous spas to pamper your body and mind.

We are constantly coming up with innovations, to surprise you with exciting projects such as the Eco Sustainable Suite!

Hotel Rusticae
Isabel y Carlota 2

We are always nearby!

We have always believed in the importance of responding quickly to any claims that may arise and reaching compromises. A real quality club must give priority to the resolution of conflicts and reconciliation in order to find the best solution.

We are pleased to introduce our Customer Care service where you will continue to receive the same exemplary treatment as always and through new channels such as Twitter, Facebook, etc.