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El Añadio

Dehesa El Añadío   23220   Vilches  (Jaén - Hotels in Spain) Show in map
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"Jaén. Authenticity and tradition in the heart of a herd of bulls."


From the air, Jaen is a sea of olive trees stretching into the distance and the neighbouring surrounds. Vilches heralds your arrival at Despeñaperros gorge, replacing the ubiquitous olive tree and presiding over the thick green path running from east to west between the Sierras de Cazorla Nature Reserve,...

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Dehesa Experience, a unique Rural Experience
639 €
For 2 Pax / 2 nights

"Dehesa" Experience

It is in a magnificent and unspoilt 400 ha estate that we develop this experience, “Taurina”, which represents passion for the Jaen fields and the bull. Enjoying nature, living surrounded by brave bulls in their natural habitat and imbedding in the day to day of this traditional activity, those are the experiences that you can live in “El Añadío”, wisely guided by Maria Jesus, owner and promoter...

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Andalusia Treasures Experience Rusticae
1,975 €
For 1 Pax / 7 nights
* Minimum 2 people

"Andalusia Treasures" Experience Rusticae

A trip to discover Andalusia’s millenary heritage. "Treasures of Andalusia" Experience is a journey through the cultures that have formed Spain’s history. Jews, Arabs and Christians left their mark not only on their magnificent monuments, but also on people’s traditions and way of life. Rusticae has created a route to discover in a privileged way the most important monuments of Seville, Granada,...

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