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Casas de Pousadouro
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(Douro river, Portugal)

At the gates of the Douro Valley, on the edge of a small stretch of water surrounded by the mountains of Marão and Montemuro, are the Pousadouro houses,...

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La Madrigata
Hotels Only Rusticae

(Leon, Spain)

La Madrigata is a hacienda built in 1934, that has been restored, keeping most of it materials and original structure, so its guest can explore and have...

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The charming Rusticae apartments have the best locations both at the city and countryside, and they give us independence and flexibility but also giving us a lot of services that the hotels offer: check-in, cleaning services, and even breakfast service sometimes. The apartments we have selected at the city have great locations and they let us walk confortably around their streets because of their great comunication services.

The charming Rusticae apartments collection, both rural and urban apartments, are perfect for a family getaway, because they have the services and the facilities we need when we travel around with kids, for example, a wellequipped kitchen, and other helpful gadgets that let us traveling with lighter luggage.