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Everyone loves the excitement of a bustling city from time to time. We love to go shopping and to be in a city’s stimulating center. Rusticae’s amazing selection of city hotels allow you to make last minute hotel deals in the best lodgings and best locations, for relatively cheap prices.

Enjoy your vacation without missing out on the city experience. Going on vacation doesn’t have to mean being in a small village far away from city life. Our selection of city hotels includes hotels in or near cities, and our last minute hotel deals are impossible to ignore. Take advantage of our offers and discounts and then treat yourself to a shopping spree! Feel like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman for a day as you stroll through a city’s store-lined streets, shopping bags in hand. And, if you like culture, take advantage of the museums and historic buildings offered by large cities and their architects. Make the day even more magical by going to a concert. Hotel bookings made from our selection of city and urban hotels provide you with breaks from reality that are restorative and complete. What’s more, at Rusticae we know that a comfortable and welcoming hotel is essential after a fun-filled day of shopping and tourism.