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Hotel Alcoba del Rey de Sevilla

Bécquer, 9     Sevilla  (Seville - Hotels in Spain) Show in map
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"Sevilla. Al-Andalus legacy next to La Macarena basílica. "


This small charming hotel is situated just beside the basilica that houses the universal Santa María de la Esperanza Macarena in Sevilla. The hotel´s discrete, but elegant façade does not prepare you for what you will find in the interior: an explosion of colour, the relaxing sound of water and exhuberant...

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Andalusia Treasures Experience Rusticae
1,975 €
For 1 Pax / 7 nights
* Minimum 2 people

"Andalusia Treasures" Experience Rusticae

A trip to discover Andalusia’s millenary heritage. "Treasures of Andalusia" Experience is a journey through the cultures that have formed Spain’s history. Jews, Arabs and Christians left their mark not only on their magnificent monuments, but also on people’s traditions and way of life. Rusticae has created a route to discover in a privileged way the most important monuments of Seville, Granada,...

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