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Hotel Casa de los Azulejos

Fernando Colón 5   14002   Córdoba  (Córdoba - Hotels in Spain) Show in map
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"Córdoba. Andalusia and Latin America colour, flavour and scenes. "


Centuries ago Andalucia’s architectural style served as inspiration for the Mexican colonial houses. In return Andalucía gained in colours, nuances and lifestyle. The Casa de los Azulejos is a symbiosis of the legacy and atmosphere of these two cultures. The building has a unique colonial style, preserving the underground vaulted 17th century rooms and numerous elements of the regional Sevillian architecture. Particulary eye-catching are the old glass doors and the bannisters on the main staircase that rises, elegant and majestic to the second floor of the building where there is a plastered dome. The guest rooms in this small charming hotel, overlooking the leaf interior patio, are decorated with cast iron and wooden furniture, large windows and curtains in natural tones. The patio exhibits the Tile Gallery, a space that invites one to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. Next to this gallery is the Library, one of the most welcoming corners of the house.

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Hotel Casa de los Azulejos

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Andalusia Treasures Experience Rusticae
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"Andalusia Treasures" Experience Rusticae

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