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Hotel Villa Oniria

San Antón, 28   18005   Granada  (Granada - Hotels in Spain) Show in map
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"Granada. Elegant and sophisticated, full of light and quality."


There is a Moorish and a Gypsy Granada, a Granada that embraces its heritage and modernity, and another Granada that is proud of its history yet comfortable with its contemporary air. These three trends are evident in the hotel trade, and Villa Oniria Hotel is probably the most evident of the latter...

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Andalusia Treasures Experience Rusticae
1,975 €
For 1 Pax / 7 nights
* Minimum 2 people

"Andalusia Treasures" Experience Rusticae

A trip to discover Andalusia’s millenary heritage. "Treasures of Andalusia" Experience is a journey through the cultures that have formed Spain’s history. Jews, Arabs and Christians left their mark not only on their magnificent monuments, but also on people’s traditions and way of life. Rusticae has created a route to discover in a privileged way the most important monuments of Seville, Granada,...

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