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Full Rental Rural Houses and Apartments in Spain Are you looking to book Full Rental Rural Houses and Apartments in Spain ? At Rusticae we have selected only the best. Check availability in our rural Houses in Spain



Rusticae, the leading Boutique Hotel Selection Club in Spain, recommends the best rural houses for rent and apartments in Spain.

Such a diverse and rich geography is the perfect setting to offer unique places to stay and enjoy fascinating experiences. Rusticae has the best selection of full rental rural houses and apartments, spread throughout the national geography. Our culture and customs, rooted in that dedication to maintaining the closest possible proximity with family and friends, is one of our hallmarks. Everything revolves around an excuse to find the moment to get together and enjoy moments that we make unforgettable. A group breakfast, a table setting out the world or a gathering under a starry night remembering bygone days. The hosts of these wonderful excuses are the complete rental houses and apartments that Rusticae selects from north to south and from east to west, so that any wind can bring us to good use.

Between laughter and conversations, moments of tranquility and silence are imposed, where under a rich blanket or under the shade of a huge fir tree, you can savor fascinating stories in film or book format. This is our proposal, so that whoever reads us, then decides which art does it better justice:

1 Beehive. Published in Buenos Aires in 1951 by Camilo José Cela and in Spain four years later after circumventing the censorship that vetoed sexuality and homosexual references in the book, one of the most illustrious works of the Nobel Prize speaks of the postwar period, of families come to less , of the working classes marked by the bloodiest episode of our 20th century. The adaptation, starring José Sacristán and Victoria Abril, was released in 1982 achieving great box office success and the Golden Bear at the Berlin Festival.

2 The Holy Innocents. Directed by Mario Camus, the adaptation of the work of another of the greats of postwar literature, Miguel Delibes, talks about the sorrows, hunger and misery of a peasant family captured by the clutches of a landowner during the years following the War. Civil. Great work for a film to match the height of Paco Rabal and Alfredo Landa as winners at the 1984 Cannes Film Festival, the year of the premiere of one of the best adaptations of Spanish cinema.

3 Girlfriend. Adaptation of Federico García Lorca's Blood Wedding, The Bride, directed by Paula Ortiz, takes us to the desolate wastelands of a Turkey disguised as a desert in Almería in which a young woman, her future husband and the man she is in love with swarm with wandering, contained by conventionalisms, the appearance of a witch at the moonlight and suppressed desires. A worthy adaptation of what is one of Lorca's flagship works and in which, among other aspects, the heartfelt interpretation of Inma Cuesta stands out.

4 Tristana. Nominated for the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film in 1970, the adaptation of the work of Benito Pérez Galdós by Luis Buñuel ended with great acceptance by critics and the public, recovering the story of that love triangle formed by the orphan Tristana , the old man who gives him shelter and the young painter with whom the first one falls in love. Curious the interpretation of Catherine Deneuve of one of the most representative female characters of Galdós, whose Tristana was published in 1892.

5 Blind Sunflowers. Original work of Alberto Méndez, its adaptation was the last collaboration between the director José Luis Cuerda and the screenwriter Rafael Azcona, one of the most outstanding in Spanish cinema. The film was shot between Arahuetes, Madrid and Orense. In 2008, she was chosen by the Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences to represent Spain in the race for the Oscar Award for the best Foreign Film.

This is a tiny representation of the genius of Spanish literature and cinema that you can enjoy in those moments of peace and relaxation, in any of Rusticae's full rental rural houses and apartments in Spain.