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Casa Rural de Alquiler Completo Casa Cuqui Orgaz

Calle San Martín 11     Orgaz  (Toledo - Hotels in Spain) Show in map
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"Casa Rural de Alquiler Completo Casa Cuqui Orgaz. House with a Quixote´s courtyard"


Historical house with a typical Castilian patio in the town of Orgaz, province of Toledo. At 103 km from Madrid and 33 km from the city of Toledo.

Aunt Cuqui’s house is for the owner´s family as it was for Antonio Machado that patio of Seville of which he spoke in his poem “Portrait”:

“My childhood are memories of a courtyard in Seville,....”

They spent their childhood in this house in Orgaz with a typical Castilian patio paved with stones, with galleries and surrounded by rooms. All weekends and festivities they spent there and the house was what their world encompassed. In it we played pirates, Indians and cowboys,

In short, a childhood linked to a house with an unknown previous history, since it is not known when it was built.

The house belonged to a great aunt on their mother’s side, nicknamed “Cuqui”, who raised us like a grandmother to her grandchildren, The name is a tribute to her.

The structure of the house, with an enclosure around a central courtyard, which in turn communicates with an area of vegetable garden, is reminiscent of Roman houses (domus). This type of structure passed from Roman to Paleochristian architecture, and from the latter to medieval architecture. The word “patio” comes from the Latin “pac” through the Occitan “pàtu”. The courtyard is defined as an open-air, unroofed common space.

Now they want to share with their guests the good vibes that are in this house, so that they can enjoy a few days with family or friends.

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Casa Rural de Alquiler Completo Casa Cuqui Orgaz

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