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Boutique Hotels in Navarra, Spain! Are you looking for Hotels in Navarra, Spain? Rusticae exclusively selected the best Hotels at the best prices. Visit Hotels rural country houses or apartments. Enjoy our exclusive offers of Rusticae Hotels in this area. Have a look!



Romantic and rural hotels in Navarra. Navarra is located in the northern half Spain, 4 hours from Madrid and 4 hours from Barcelona, it is well connected by road and can also be reached by bus, train and through the Pamplona airport. Glamping en España The diversity of the Kingdom of Navarre and the exclusivity of its boutique hotels are waiting for you! {family} Consult Juntines for the best activities for children in Navarra ( and get the most out of the trip. You will find the best places to go as a family, such as comfortable restaurants for children, museums with educational activities or family shows. In addition, to have fun in the hotel you can also find more ideas in the home section ( Your family time is gold, enjoy every minute of it! {Familia} Do not forget to visit our Hotels in Navarra at the best prices for your getaway! Hoteles y Casas Rurales en Navarra Rural Hotels Charming hotels in Navarra. Navarra is located in the northern half of the peninsula, 4 hours from Madrid and 4 hours from Barcelona, is well connected by road and can also be reached by bus, train and through Pamplona airport. Our Hotels in Navarra are close to everything. The diversity of the Kingdom of Navarre and the exclusivity of the charming hotels in Navarre are waiting for you! The best accommodation with activities and Hotels for children in Navarre Escape with your children to Navarre and make the most of the trip. You will find perfect places to go as a family, such as comfortable restaurants for children, museums with educational activities or family shows. ¡ Your family time is golden, make the most of it! Do not miss visiting our Hotels in Navarre and Farmhouses in Navarre at the best prices for your getaway! Rural Houses Rural Houses in Navarra. We have a wide range of Rural Houses in Navarra rigorously selected under the quality criteria of Rusticae. Visit Navarra a weekend to disconnect. Hotels in Pamplona, Farmhouses in Olite, Farmhouses in Estella, Farmhouses in tudela... Turespaña: Tourist Office of Pamplona:, Avda. Roncesvalles, 4, 31002 Pamplona-Iruña. T. +34 848420420 Bera Tourist Office:, Eztegara Pasalekua 11, 31780 Bera, Vera. T. +34 948631222 Guide of Hotels, Rural Houses and Plans in Navarra Rusticae: Pamplona is the capital of Navarre, a city full of life, modern and welcoming, which thanks to Hemingway has become internationally known for the Sanfermines that are celebrated every year from 6 to 14 July. It is mandatory to let yourself be carried away by its cobbled streets and reach its pintxos area to taste the best culinary tradition Navarre. There is no doubt that Navarre is a mythical land, full of contrasts that goes from the lush beech forests of Irati to the mountains of the Pyrenees or the lunar landscape of the Bardenas Reales. We have rigorously screened our list of Hotels and Rural Houses in Navarre so that you do not have a thousand options, but yes so that you have the best. Navarre is also full of history that is told by the innumerable vestiges that dot all this Kingdom, and full of traditions with deep roots that still survive today and are counted and maintained by its people. Rural Houses and Hotels in Navarre Today we focus on the northern part of the Navarre foral community, which surprises the traveler with its mountainous relief and ancient vegetation, and which at this time of year looks as never tinged with yellow, red and ochre of its forests. Very close to San Sebastian/Donostia or the border with France, this area is perhaps less known, but definitely deserves a getaway for its spectacular heritage. Both by people, gastronomy, customs, landscapes, beauty and Hotels and Rural Houses, Navarre will surprise you Lovers of nature, gastronomy and history will enjoy its valleys, caves, forests, farmhouses and legends, since treasures such as the Caves of Zugarramurdi, the Valley of Ultzama and the Valley of Baztán, the spectacular Irati Forest or the Forest of Orgi, without forgetting its gastronomy in which products such as Idiazabal or Roncal cheese shine and a great mycological variety.Discover our proposal to explore the north of Navarre! Caves of Zugarramurdi Popularized by the film The witches of Zugarramurdi de Álex de la Iglesia, these caves constitute a must in the region of Baztán. More than its physiognomy, the attraction lies in its history, where reality and fiction are mixed. You can stay in any of our Farmhouses in Navarra Rusticae, with a location near the Caves of Zugarramurdi in Navarre. These cavities were the scene of covens until the 17th century, which led to the condemnation of witches at the stake during the Inquisition. The visit is completed by a walk through the small village of white hamlets, included in the Witchcraft Route and by the visit to the Witches Museum where you can better understand this episode of the history of these villages. Villages in the Valley of Ultzama The Ultzama Valley is one of the most beautiful places in Navarra. We recommend you to visit it and book a room in one of our Rural Houses and Hotels in Navarre. The beech, oak, pine and chestnut forests turn the windows of the car into authentic canvases. In it are hidden fourteen councils with villages of large landlords and balconies with flowers, living in harmony with the nature that surrounds them. Visit Lizaso, Eltso, Alkotz, Suarbe or Ilarregi, and experience first-hand the history, gastronomy and customs of this unique Navarra valley. Forest of Org In the south of the Valley of Ultzama, very close to the town of Lizaso, is the Forest of Orgi. In this millenary forest, of great ecological interest, the precious humid oak forests climb towards the sky, of which there are few left in Navarre. Let yourself be carried along its paths, immersed among oaks, ferns, heathers or junipers, and discover the beauty in every corner of this Natural Recreational Area, where wild boars, foxes, roe deer, bats, frogs and numerous birds also inhabit. You will be able to make spectacular photos and to rest in conditions, always in one of our Rural Houses in Navarra Rusticae. Camino de Santiago If you want to put yourself in the shoes of the pilgrim, with boots of mount, cane in hand and backpack to the shoulder, you can make a stage of the Camino de Santiago. The one that runs from Saint Jean de Pied from Port to Roncesvalles is one of the most beautiful in Navarre. This is the first stage to Santiago on the French Way, 25 km away, where you will enjoy new friends, natural landscapes, monuments and villages such as Esquiroz, Honto, Collado de Lepoeder and Roncesvalles. Along the route you can book and rest in any of our Hotels and Farmhouses in Navarra Rusticae. The Camino de Santiago from Navarre is one of the most valued. Rural Houses and Hotels in Navarra You can learn the history of Navarre through its monasteries, castles, walls and palaces that were defense against invasions in the Middle Ages. Olite stands out, with its Royal Palace, which was even the seat of the Navarre court. This town is also the capital of wine, housing the Wine Museum. Also Javier, with his Castle of the s.X built on the rock and that was the birthplace of the patron saint of Navarre San Francisco Javier, whose birth is commemorated in March every year with "la Javierada", to which people from all over Navarre come. Stay in our Farmhouses in Navarra Rusticae. Estella-Lizarra, and its monumental complex with the best fortified medieval square of the whole Reyno. Tudela, with its Tower of Monreal of the S. XIII, the first camera obscura of Navarre. In Yesa, the Monastery of Leire, tomb of the first Navarrese kings, with an impressive crypt of the s. XI and an exciting history to know. And many more towns with buildings that keep the history of these lands. Rural Houses and Hotels in Navarra Natural Reserve Many traditions are maintained and celebrated. Some of the most famous festivals and events besides the Javierada and of course San Fermín, are "El día de la Almadía", which recalls the descent of the trunks by the river from the Pyrenean valleys and celebrated in spring, or the "Akelarres de las Brujas" which are celebrated with the arrival of summer in Zugarramurdi, in the Western Pyrenees. Check availability by entering your dates and book at the best price your farmhouse in Navarre with Rusticae. In Etxalar, a beautiful town surrounded by mountains and forests that belongs to the region of the Five Villas, the "Guided Tours to the Palomeras" are held from October 1 to November 20 each year, a very special occasion to enjoy the autumn landscape. The sky fills these days with huge flocks of pigeons. Rural Houses and Hotels in Navarre in Parque Natural In the western Pyrenees, on the banks of the Bidasoa is the Señorío de Bertiz Natural Park, a green space of great beauty very well preserved. The contrast with these lush forests is the Natural Park of the Bardenas Reales which has been declared a Biosphere Reserve by Unesco. Its semi-desert landscape, almost lunar, nevertheless harbors a lot of life. Come and disconnect in these unique natural spaces, these are destinations that will recharge your batteries and leave you as good as new. Check availability and book now your Farmhouse in Navarra with Rusticae. Gastronomy of Navarra The cuisine of Navarre is based on exceptional raw material, and especially on its famous orchard: its delicious asparagus are internationally recognized, its peppers of the piquillo de Lodosa, artichokes, Tudela buds, beans or pochas among many other delicacies... The roasted lamb or chilindrón is also the protagonist, but always accompanied by a full-bodied wine with Designation of Origin Navarre. And if you are more than fish you will enjoy full of trout to the navarre or cod to the ajoarriero. Our Hotels in Navarre have a restaurant, where you can taste the cuisine of Navarre. Tradition, nature, history, gastronomy, legend... Do not leave Navarre. Stay, and enjoy everything it offers.