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Full rental rural houses and apartments to go with children , where you can enjoy the best holidays with services and infrastructures designed and adapted for children.

Any time of the year is perfect to get away and go on vacation with the children. For those vacations to be perfect, they have to start right. For this reason we propose a series of recommendations to all those who know that "prevented father is worth two". It is not the same to travel with a 3-month-old baby as with an 8-year-old child, we all agree on that, but whatever your case you will see that all the tips will be useful when packing your bags and launching yourself visiting unknown places as a family.

Documentation in order
ID, passport, permits ... no matter how small they are, they need their own documentation. Keep in mind that some very touristy countries ask Spanish citizens for a visa and usually it will be something you will have to solve before leaving. If the minor does not travel with his parents, an authorization from the father, mother or legal guardian will be necessary, which must be ratified by the authorities, such as Police, Civil Guard or Courts.

Don't let your luggage get out of hand
It is very easy to say, but it is another thing to achieve it when you find the suitcases of the adults, their backpacks, the suitcases of the children, their backpacks, various bags and, why not, maybe also a cart. Try to carry as few packages as possible and when in doubt, it is better to carry things on your back than on your hands, you will need them to help the little ones.

A first aid kit for everyone
If you have children, you will have already checked that part of the medicine cabinet should be reserved for them. In addition to preparing a good travel kit you should not forget the specific medication for children, sometimes it is not so easy to find according to which destination and it is better to have some foresight.

Trolley or backpack, essential
How to take the little ones is a matter of taste but you must make a decision before going out. During the trip you will move a lot and spend many hours standing. Baby carrier or trolley? If you are less than 3 years old, it is taken for granted that you will have to rest in the long tourist days so it will be advisable to bring one thing or the other. The choice is yours.

Identify children
To gain peace of mind, if you are going to frequent noisy environments, it may not hurt to use identifications in children in the event of possible losses. You will see that there are even bracelets for this purpose where you can indicate name, address, contact telephone, etc. If you want to go one step further, there are also GPS locators, such as small key rings, that you can put in your pocket or backpack to find them from your mobile.

Entertainment at hand
Whether for longer transports or for moments of rest, it is worth taking some entertainment with you, such as games, notebooks or colors. For the sake of those who accompany you for hours on a plane, do them the favor of leaving the musical toys at home.

The plane and the ears
When taking a flight, pressure changes will have a direct impact on our ears. We adults already know how to fight it but children don't. It is most recommended that babies use a pacifier or bottle during takeoff and landing, this will make them move their jaw and decompress their ears. If they are older, gum or candy may be a good solution.

Prepare the trip together
If the child is old enough it is a good idea to involve him in the trip from the first moment. Show him in a world globe where you are going to go, show him photos of that place to increase his interest, give him an idea about the customs of that culture, what delicious things he will be able to eat, that he knows what to carry in his luggage, show him some word in that language, show the route on a map so that you can follow it during the trip, etc.

A small pantry in the backpack
Surely it is something that you already do in your day to day but when you go on a trip, and especially if you go abroad, it is advisable to bring some food with you to end those sudden famines between meals. Keep in mind that if you take a plane, children's food is allowed in hand luggage, even if they are liquids of more than 100 ml, you will only have to show it when passing the security control to be checked.

Babies on airplanes
When buying your plane ticket you must indicate that a baby is traveling with you. In general, up to 2 years of age is considered a baby and from 2 to 11 years old, a child, but each airline sets rates for the little ones, either a discount or paying only a percentage of an adult ticket. In general, companies allow the cart to be taken to the door of the plane and once there it has to be checked in. On larger planes that fly long distances, babies can have their own bassinet, a small crib that attaches to the wall of the plane. The number is limited and the distribution is in order of request so the sooner you invoice and order it the better.

Travel while they sleep
A long trip will be much less burdensome for children if they spend it sleeping. Take this into account when looking for plane tickets or also if you travel by car, time will fly by.

Organize the agenda accordingly
Traveling with children is traveling at a different pace and you will have to organize your schedule taking into account their needs. Plan, but not too much. Leave free time slots to dedicate to them, to run, play and have fun, and do not be too ambitious to see and visit everything. It is likely that you will have to sacrifice a museum in exchange for spending time on some swings; if it also serves to interact with other children better than better.

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