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Rural Houses in Madrid and Rural Tourism in Madrid. Are you looking to rent a Rural House in Madrid? We show you the Rusticae selection of the best Rural Houses in Madrid for your reservation selected under quality standards.



Rural Houses in Madrid and Rural Tourism in Madrid. Are you looking to rent a Rural House in Madrid? We show you the Rusticae selection of the best Rural Houses in Madrid for your reservation selected under quality standards. Rusticae, the leading Boutique Hotel Selection Club in Spain, recommends the best rural houses for full rent and apartments near Madrid. You want to see all of our Rural homes? -> Casas Rurales en Madrid

When writing and talking about Madrid, among all the topics mentioned, reference is also made to that great city that hides great secrets. The enigmatic, mysterious or little known always attracts. Its intense cultural life, its wide gastronomic and leisure offer, its great avenues and its popular neighborhoods. A city where nobody is and we are all, but that nevertheless hides a greater secret: its villas. Post as guardians who guard a great treasure, the villas that surround Madrid are themselves part of a great booty for lovers of nature, culture, gastronomy and disconnection. "Madrid would not be Madrid without the Sierra de Guadarrama and without the rivers that wash it: the Lozoya, Manzanares, Henares, Jarama, Tajuña ... that create a contrast between valleys and mountains. The landscape presents all its forms here: from the high mountain ranges to the plain. Snowy firs on high peaks along with the oaks of the Alcarria. Visiting the Villas of Madrid, one can enjoy a set of unique destinations for the recognized value of their Cultural Heritage, which have managed to preserve their rural authenticity. ” The hosts of these wonderful villas are the complete rental houses and apartments that Rusticae selects very close to Madrid, with enough distance to have everything at hand.

From Rusticae we invite you to visit Madrid from another point of view, discovering its 11 villas full of monuments and history, castles, monasteries, art and unique traditions: Manzanares el Real, Rascafría, Patones, Buitrago de Lozoya, Torrelaguna, Chinchón , Colmenar de Oreja, Villarejo de Salvanés, Nuevo Baztán, Navalcarnero and San Martín de Valdeiglesias. Which of all do we start with? We leave you a small aperitif with the wonderful villas of Rascafría and Patones de Arriba.

Scratch. “In these simple lines, it is not possible to summarize the beauty of the natural area of ​​Rascafría, submerged in the most beautiful of the Lozoya Valley, at the foot of the Sierra de Guadarrama and next to the peaks and lakes of Peñalara. All this beauty led Enrique II to found here in the 14th century, the Monastery of Santa María del Paular, a jewel of monastic art that has a rich collection of paintings by Vicente Carducho. We can admire 16 of the 56 original paintings, on loan from the Prado Museum; the other 40 works were scattered in the troubled times of the Confiscation of 1836.

Rascafría is a very romantic corner, and for this reason, on Valentine's Day, the Archpriest of Hita is honored, making a dramatized tour, performed in poetic prose, in the real settings of the Book of Good Love. In autumn, hunting and mushrooms become absolute protagonists in the menus of its restaurants, without forgetting the precious trout from the Lozoya river. Rascafría has all the charm of a mountain town where you can enjoy the cool waters of the Lozoya River both in summer and in winter, walking and skiing on its snowy peaks ”.

Patones de Arriba. “Neither Napoleon found them ... or so the legend tells, since Patones de Arriba is a hidden place where you can enjoy a landscape and some constructions that will be unusual for those who are willing to be surprised in our Community. Walking Patones de Arriba is like visiting an open-air slate museum. It has the perfect touch of what is known as rural chic. Nothing better to whet your appetite than to walk the ecological path of El Barranco that separates the two Patones, the one from Below and the one from Above. A 750 m path from which you can see all the natural surroundings of this place. And to satisfy yourself, you will find a different gastronomic offer, with rural, intimate and romantic restaurants, surrounded by a natural landscape of mountains, valleys and reservoirs. It is true that the festivities of San Juan and the Carnivals are celebrated everywhere, but in Patones they have a special flavor due to the picturesqueness of its streets and because here they preserve all the traditions of yesteryear. ”