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Amada Carlota

(Asturias, Spain)

The Amada Carlota Hotel lies in the Cabranes region of Asturias, amid endless green meadows, lush valleys and virgin forests. This charming inn is ensconced...

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There are not so many places so refreshing as the Asturian landscapes, where everything is sea and mountains. Green and blue. Asturias is a luxury tourist destination thanks to an excellent cast of charming hotels, its unique and full of life town as Llanes, Cangas de Onis, Ribadesella, Villaviciosa or Pravia, its pristine beaches, coves and wild cliffs, places of high natural value and its tasty cuisine based on local produce such as beans, seafood, dairy products and best Cantabrian fish, all authentic culinary jewels.

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There are few countrysides as refreshing as that of Asturias, consisting entirely of mountains and water. Asturias is a luxury tourist destination thanks to its excellent selection of charming hotels, its unique villages that are full of life such as Llanes, Cangas de Onís, Ribadesella, Villaviciosa and Pravia, its virgin beaches and coves and its wilderness, its many beautiful nature sites and its delicious cuisine, which uses ingredients coming from the terroir, such as beans and dairy products, and from the Cantabrian Sea, such as shellfish and other seafood.

Asturias is bordered by the Cantabrian Sea and the regions of Cantabria, Galicia and León. It is excellently connected by highways and it is just four hours from Madrid, two and a half from Bilbao and seven from Valencia and Barcelona. This region is known around the world for its steep mountains, which have hosted the Vuelta Ciclista a España, and for its nature sites of high environmental value such as the Covadonga lakes and the Eo-Oscos region, among many others.


Oficina Municipal de Turismo de Oviedo: Plaza de La Constitución, 4 (33009) Oviedo – T. +34 985 21 33 85

Centro de Información Turística del Principado de Asturias: Plaza de la Constitución 4 - 33009 Oviedo, Asturias - T. +34 902300202