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Surf hotels ! Are you looking for Surf hotels near beaches with waves? In Rusticae we have selected the best surf accommodations with surfing beaches. Selection of Hotels for surfing unique where to surf unique beaches Book Online!



Rural Surf Hotels with Rusticae charm! Are you looking for Surf Hotels that make a difference? In Rusticae we have selected the best surf accommodations by quality criteria, both for its location, surroundings, hotel qualities as well as the exquisite attention to detail and customer. Online Booking ?

Cottages and Boutique Hotels in Surf

Cottages and Boutique Hotels in Surf Book your hotel Rusticae surferos room now. Make your surfing stay a unique experience by staying in the best Surf Hotel carefully selected near beaches with unique waves. Still don't know where to book your hotel room or cottage for surfing ? In Rusticae we have selected only the best Surfer Rural Hotels and Rural Houses under quality criteria so that your trip is a perfect surfing experience, different from a simple overnight stay, you will enjoy the best peaks and beaches where to download the best waves. We work so that your trip becomes a unique surfing experience that you will want to repeat for sure.

Rural Cottages and Boutique Hotels for any type of surfer

A family surfing holiday, a romantic surfing weekend with your partner or a surf bridge with friends in Rusticae Boutique Hotels and Farmhouses with stunning beaches and quality waves. Our selection only includes the best Surf Hotels and Rural Houses selected under strict quality criteria that make the difference. Are you looking for a charming hotel or country house, with a perfect service and unique location? A hotel or surfer cottage that admits pets? Enter the dates you have planned for your trip and check availability, it is very easy to book your Hotel or rural surf house online with Rusticae. Pack your bags because with Rusticae you ensure a unique stay, a different experience in a Surf Hotel .

Rural Cottages and Boutique Hotels for any type of surfer

Whether you are new to the world of surfing, or if you are a beginner, our selection of hotels with surfing beaches will cover your expectations. If you are a more experienced surfer, all these establishments are located on beaches with well-defined peaks for both regulars and goofys. Whether you are from left waves or from right waves, you will find perfect waves to practice and improve your surfing. HOTELS AND DESTINATIONS TO MAKE SURF RUSTICAE: As always, Rusticae selects under rigorous quality criteria, the best accommodations near beaches where you can surf, whether you are an expert or your first time. The best and most impressive beaches in Spain and Portugal where the best waves fall.

Surf hotels in San Sebastián - Donostia

The shell, the Zurriola and Ondarreta. There are 3 beaches that make up the coast of San Sebastian, mostly the waves enter La Zurriola, but with the sea in the background waves rise in the 3 zones. For more beginners or more experts, there are waves for all levels. In the neighborhood of Gros you can find an environment of all kinds to regain strength. From La Concha, you can also rent a paddle-surf and paddle to the island of Santa Klara or just exercise with the waves, a perfect plan to start in the water with the little ones. There are surf schools and rental shops for all the snows like Pukas, a renowned surf brand born here and with a factory in Olatu. For several months you can find surfing championships at local, national and international level, especially in the Zurriola area. There are many surfers who, in the summer season, take advantage of surfing waves at sunset. A perfect plan that will put your body and mind in shape. The Hotel Rusticae Villa Soro > , is located right in the Gros area about 10 minutes from the beach. Perfect option to stay in Donosti and enjoy Donostriarra surfing, film or music festivals such as Jazzaldi, parties of all kinds in Tabakalera, and of course the incredible gastronomy. Enjoy Surfing in San Sebastián - Donostia


Surf in ZARAUTZ AND GETARIA: The birthplace of Spanish surfing par excellence. The "queen of the beaches" is one of the best beaches in Spain to learn and improve your surfing. Depending on the tides, different “peaks” are mounted where you can surf, whether you are goofy or regular in Zarautz you will find areas where you can surf to your favorite side. The best waves usually appear at mid tide to high tide and the Beraza area (where the Karlos Arguiñano Hotel Restaurant is located), and where the bathing areas for water sports are mostly enabled (blue and red flag). Throughout the boardwalk you can sit on many terraces where you can regain your strength with a cowboy and a pintxo. Surfing in Zarautz has become very fashionable in recent years, it is not surprising to find the beach full of people surfing. The only Spanish surfer who competes in the WSL is Aritz Aramburu, Zarautz local. The Hotel Zerupe in Zarautz Rusticae for surfing centrally located in Zarautz will allow you to rest from a good day of surfing.


In Getaria, to catch waves, we must go to the beach of Gaztetape, (the one from behind looking north) this beach is small and two pretty good waves peaks are mounted. When there is a deep sea they are usually large and for more experienced surfers. Do not hesitate to eat or dine in Getaria, it has very good fish thanks to the port and its fish market. You can stay at the Hotel Rusticae Iturregi, sutured a few minutes by car on the top of Mount Getaria, in the Azkizu area. A little further on, the curves that make up the entrance to Zumaia from Getaria, (walk through the spectacular mountain porcerto) form the so-called "Gray Beach", a cove where very large waves of up to more than 10 meters. In times of live tides, when oceanographers predict "marathons", many people come to see the spectacle of surfing and lowering waves of these sizes, only by very experienced size surfers. Until a few years ago, the largest wave record surfed on the peninsula was in Playa Gris, until they broke the record in Nazaré, (Portugal).

Surf Hotels in Suances and Liencres

Suances is divided into Los Locos and La Concha beach. Waves enter both beaches, but by far the quality and size of the Los Locos waves far exceeds La Concha. There are many experienced surfers who visit this beach. The Conan de Suances is more familiar, bigger and more open, with smaller waves to start. Liencres is a small town a few minutes from Santander, which includes the Natural Park of the Dunes of Liencres, a spectacular protected area formed by an impressive forest that smells like eucalyptus where you can get lost. As the forest ends, the dunes of the beaches that make it up, Valdearenas and Canallave begin. These beaches can be accessed with dogs, there are no building constructions in this Natural Park, there is only one parking lot full of vans and caravans, and a couple of bars where you can eat and regain strength. The best waves in this impressive natural park leave at mid tide between the two beaches, the sea reveals very beautiful coves where stunning waves come out. To stay in this area of Cantabria, the Jardin De Carrejo Hotel will meet all your expectations and needs to enjoy a perfect stay in combination with your favorite water sport. SURF IN THE BEST BEACHES OF PORTUGAL: AZORES - HOTEL SOLAR GLORIA BORDEIRA Y AMADO - HOTEL TEIMA: Village of Carrapateira (Praia do Bordeira) extensive sunny beach without construction and with very good waves. PENICHE AND CASCAIS. - HOTEL JANELAS VERDES, CASA AMORA OR PARADIO ESCONDIDO: IN Peniche the beach of Supertubos (WSL International Championship from October 16 to 27) Reserve now!