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A Casa de Laura
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A House Laura is a rural house full rental 4 star category located in the village of Aldeasoña, in the north of the province of Segovia. Laura, the owner,...

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Segovia Boutique Hotels. Segovia is 1 hour from Madrid, Bilbao and 3:30 a.m. just over 6 hours from Barcelona. The province has great roads, not only road, but also thanks to the connection of the AVE between Madrid and Segovia. This province has places of great international recognition starting from Segovia, a World Heritage City, which include the Segovia Aqueduct, the Cathedral and the Alcazar of Segovia. But it isn´t only monuments, if you go inside in the streets of the city, you will find intriguing neighborhoods like the Jewry neighborhood or the Gentlemen neighborhood that will take you to other ages.

Thinking about all the secrets to be discovered in the city of Segovia, you may need to take a few days and take a charming hotel as a starting point. Another mandatory stop is La Granja de San Ildefonso with its spectacular royal summer palace and its beautiful gardens. And the nature of Segovia welcomes us with gems like the Natural Parks of Hoces del Duratón, Hoces of Riaza River, Sierra Norte de Guadarrama or Riofrío of Riaza Beech Forest. Next to them there are wonderful towns like Navafría, Hoces del Duratón, Pedraza, Sepulveda, Riaza or Prádena, all these beautiful places to walk and enjoy ... And talking about gastronomy Segovia is well known for the famous roast suckling pig and the peculiar way it is cut with a plate. However there don´t forget other dishes like garlic soups, beans from La Granja and lamb. For the sweet people; the Segovian punch and the egg yolks.

Oficina de Información Turística de Segovia: Plaza Mayor 10, 40001 Hontoria, Segovia - T. +34 921460334

Oficina de Turismo Municipal de Segovia: Ronda de Baterías, s/n, 40005 Segovia - T. +34 921438663