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Boutique Rural Hotels in Palencia! Are you looking for Boutique Romantic Hotels in Palencia? Rusticae exclusively selected the best Boutique Hotels in Palencia at best prices. Book Online your romantic Hotel room in Palencia ✅ Deals!



Boutique Rural Hotels in Palencia! Are you looking for Boutique Romantic Hotels in Palencia? Rusticae exclusively selected the best Boutique Hotels in Palencia at best prices. Book Online your romantic Hotel room in Palencia ✅ Deals! What to do in Palencia? Palencia Hotels & plans Guide: Boutique romantic Hotels in Palencia 1. The city of Palencia The city of Palencia is the capital of the province, located on the plain of Tierra de Campos, along the river Carrion. This crossroads and, once an important center of textile manufacturing, has experienced many historic events, achieving its greatest splendor during the Middle Ages. Here was founded the first university in Spain. Its monuments include the Cathedral, known as the Bella Unknown, Major Bridge and the Church of San Miguel. The best view of the find from Palencia Cristo del Otero.Boutique romantic Hotels in Palencia 2. Palencia Románico Palencia has the largest concentration of most important Roman monuments in Europe, turning it an ideal place for art lovers destination. The Romanesque Palencia is divided into four zones. The Romanesque north is the most important, standing uot the towns of Aguilar de Campoo and Cervera de Pisuerga. Following the north-south direction, we find the Romanesque of the Ojeda, Boedo and Valdavia. Then Romanesque Camino de Santiago and the Romanesque south, with important examples in Palencia, Villamuriel de Cerrato and Torquemada.Boutique romantic Hotels in Palencia 3. The Frómista Villa One of the locations to visit in Palencia is the Frómista Villa, the capital of Romanesque Palencia and an important communications center and place of the Camino de Santiago. Among its extensive historical heritage we can highlight the church of San Martin of the eleventh century, which is one of the most complete Romanesque churches throughout Europe. Also of interest are the church of San Pedro and the church of Santa María del Castillo. A 2 km is the source of Pozomingo, which have been found remains of what could have been Frómista in Roman times.Boutique romantic Hotels in Palencia 4. Channel Castilla The Canal de Castilla is one of the most important works of hydraulic engineering Ilustrada Spain, which was begun in the mid-eighteenth century in order to alleviate the lack of roads in Castilla and to transport their surplus wheat. Much of the Canal runs through Palencia, the stage known as Ramal Norte, a unique opportunity to enjoy a tour boat, bicycle or on horseback and watch the dams, sluices, mills, bridges and other historical infrastructure. The starting point is the municipality of Alar del Rey.Boutique romantic Hotels in Palencia 5. Camino de Santiago The Camino de Santiago crosses the province of Palencia from east to west, almost the geographical center. The landscape ranges from the pilgrim will enjoy the green banks of the rivers Pisuerga and Carrión or the coolness of the Canal de Castilla to cerealísticas immensities of Tierra de Campos. A good way to enjoy the rich Romanesque heritage of the province of Palencia is through the Camino de Santiago, passing through Frómista, Population Campos, Nogal de las Huertas and Carrión de los Condes.Boutique romantic Hotels in Palencia 6. Castilian Peoples In addition to visiting the city of Palencia, to know the province to do a tour of several of their populations, which display much Castilian charm in their paths, squares, streets and houses. One of these locations is Saldaña, located in the region of Saldaña-Valdavia. It presents a typical Castilian village where stand the Castle of the Dukes of Infantado, the Palace of the Marquis de La Valdavia, Old Town Square and the Church of San Pedro. Ampudia is another Castilian village, which retains its layout, the remains of its walls and monuments, such as its imposing castle and the collegiate church of San Miguel.Boutique romantic Hotels in Palencia 7. Archaeological sites Palencia's long history has left in this interesting vestiges from prehistoric times through the Roman splendor and Visigoth mark during the Middle Ages. The site of the Dolmen de la Velilla, located on a hill 3 km from Osorno la Mayor, is a good example of prehistoric vestige, but the more important are the Roman villas, such as La Olmeda, near Saldana, or La Tejada in the Cook Quintanilla. Of the Visigoths left traces in the crypt of San Antolín Cathedral and the church of San Juan de Banos.Boutique romantic Hotels in Palencia 8. Fuente Carriones and Fuente Cobre Those who prefer keep in touch with nature also have their place in Palencia. The most emblematic spot is the Natural Park of Fuente Cobre and Fuente Carrionas-Mountain Palentina, in the north. Here are the sources of the rivers Carrión and Pisuerga, especially for its juniper, endemic species of the Cantabrian Mountains and for being refuge of the brown bear, endangered. Other interesting natural spaces are the Laguna de la Nava de Fuentes, Covalagua, the nuts or the Laguna de Boada. Dare to hiking, horseback riding, adventure activities and water sports. The setting of the Canal de Castilla is also a good choice.Boutique romantic Hotels in Palencia 9. Palencia's Folklore and festivals. If you want your trip more complete, takes the celebration of one of the parties Palencia that are traditionally enlivened by dulzaineros and jacks. Easter in the city of Palencia is declared of International Tourist Interest. It also highlights the International Descent of the Pisuerga in Alar del Rey, the National Festival of exaltation Crayfish in Herrera de Pisuerga, the festival of San Juan Bautista in Baños de Cerrato, or national sample of tatting and Castilian market Ampudia.Boutique romantic Hotels in Palencia 10. Palencia's gastronomy Cultural visits and nature walks must hilvanarlos with Palencia's cuisine, to savor its excellent raw materials and regain strength each day with a peasant and pastoralist kitchen. Among the most emblematic dishes include roast lamb, braised pigeon, crayfish, Palencia stew, potatoes to the importance, grilled pancetta or snails. And for dessert, cookies Aguilar de Campo, the macaroons Villoldo, fools and ready buns Frechilla or pisuerguillas of Cervera de Pisuerga.Boutique romantic Hotels in Palencia Boutique romantic Hotels in Palencia Book your romantic boutique rural room in Palencia in Rusticae Hotels. 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