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Hotel Casas do Coro

Largo do Côro   6430-081   Marialva  (Centre - Portugal) Show in map
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"Guarda. Elegance and good taste, harmony and tradition. "


Casas do Coro, located in Marialva, the most historic village in Portugal encircled by a centenary wall, consists of a group of three traditional buildings. The garden is full of olive and almond trees, the patios, the outdoor swimming pool with artificial waves, the sauna and the panoramic jacuzzi complete...

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9.2 Hotel
9.2 Room
9.2 Breakfast
8.8 Hotel Service


Douro Experience
1,515 €
For 2 Pax / 2 nights

"Douro" Experience

Douro Experience is a fantastic trip through the river that unites our two neighboring countries, the Duero. The “Arribes del Duero” are one of the most beautiful landscapes in the Iberian Peninsula and thanks to this experience that Paulo Romão and Carmen Sampaio, hosts of Casas do Côro, have designed for Rusticae, we have the opportunity to discover it. Not limited to a breathtaking landscape,...

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