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Boutique hotels in fairytail-like villages! Country houses, hotels, accommodations and apartments in charming villages! Are you looking for hotels, country houses, chalets, lodgings or apartments in fairytail villages to visit with family? Rusticae has selected the best charming and magical hotels



Boutique hotels in fairytail-like villages! Country houses, hotels, accommodations and apartments in charming villages! Are you looking for hotels, country houses, chalets, lodgings or apartments in fairytail villages to visit with family? Rusticae has selected the best charming and magical hotels Rural Tourism Rusticae! Are you looking for Rural Tourism? In Rusticae we have selected the best Rural Tourism with the best prices. Come to the best Rural hotels, with exclusive Rusticae offers. Are you looking for Rural Tourism? We show you our exclusive selection of Rural Tourism to make your stay perfect. Book Online Now! Pueblos con Encanto Towns that seem to be taken from a fairytail, with narrow streets, cobbled houses, medieval castles, walls, centuries-old churches ... In them, the charming hotels of Rusticae, welcoming the traveler so that his most romantic getaway is the scenario. Hotels in Charming Villages in Spain ✅ Looking to get to know the Charming villages most beautiful rural in Spain? Guide for Hotels in Charming Villages . Selection of unique hotels in the Charming Villages and Villages . Our selection of establishments in the best most charming and charming villages in rural Spain is designed to make your trip to a unique town perfect. That the hotel is in one of these charming villages , unique situation and environment is very important, we do not want to disconnect in uninspiring places, we want to disconnect in charming towns Spanish unique, with unique people, unique architectures and unique plan We have rigorously selected the best establishments inBoutique Charming Villages

Boutique Charming Villages in Spain

Are you looking for Charming Villages Hotels in Spain , Unique Spanish Charming Villages ? Charming villages from the Community of Madrid, such as Chinchón, Aranjuez, Buitrago de Lozoya, Patones de Arriba, San Lorenzo del Escorial, Rascafría .... Charming villages in Andalusia, such as Mojacar, Pampaneira, vejer de la Frontera, Capileira, ... Charming villages in Valencia such as Peñíscola or Vilafamés, Charming villages in La Rioja as Ashtray or Eltziego, Charming villages in Aragon such as Albarracín, Valderrobres, Calaceite ... Are you looking for Charming Rural Villages in Spain , Villages with fairytale charm ? We have made a selection of Rusticae Villages that have charm, different villages, unique and with personality.

<strong>Charming Villages in Spain - Arantza (Navarra)</strong>

Romantic Charming Villages

In our childhood memories there are always Peoples that we identify with the stories we liked most. Villages and villages with romantic charm with stone houses with smoking chimneys, windows with magnificent curtains, wooden doors, cobbled streets, and of course a castle or palace standing out on the horizon, and a picturesque presided square For a church. This image is most evocative and in Rusticae we are fortunate to have in our selection with hotels in the Romantic Charming Villages of Spain and also of other countries such as Portugal and Italy. Find your hotel and enjoy an unforgettable getaway in a town with romantic fairytale charm totally unique.

<strong>Charming Villages in Spain - Zarautz (Gipuzkoa)</strong>

Charming Villages in Spain

Spain is one of the countries that has one of the best selections of Charming towns and villages that you can enjoy with your family, friends, or your partner in a romantic way. The number of charming villages is endless, in all the autonomous communities of Spain you can find populations that make a difference, villages that you will want to return to, towns that fall in love with their people, traditions, architectures, stories, gastronomy and activities to do. One of the perfect trips through Spain would be to travel the country through all the charming villages with added value. For example, the Camino de Santiago de la Costa, runs almost from France a series of charming villages of the unique Cantabrian cornice, which will take you to Galicia. The entire northern area of ​​Spain has no waste. The towns of Inland Spain are not far behind. There is so much Heritage, history, and customs to see as beauty overflows all these populations. We encourage you to discover new towns, people, customs, and enjoy your getaways in Charming villages of Spain.

<strong>Charming Villages in Spain - Albarracín (Teruel)</strong>
Beyond the sets, many television series have been encouraged to shoot outdoors. In this way, in addition to offering viewers a great audiovisual richness, they manage to better contextualize their plots and put localities and environments worth visiting on the map. To enjoy this seriéfilo tourism, we present 7 charming villages as standard that you cannot miss in Spain.

Guide of 7 Charming Villages unique that you cannot miss:

1. Lastres - Charming Villages in Spain

Although with the name of San Martín del Sella, Lastres was the scene of the series "Doctor Mateo", it is a Village with a lot of rural charm . This fishing village on the eastern coast of Asturias has a special charm. It is a delight to explore the old town of this Town with romantic charm of cobbled streets, palaces, emblazoned houses and fishermen's houses. If you are a fan of the series, you can take a tourist route through the most emblematic charming Villages, such as the houses of the protagonists, the tavern, the town hall or the beach. Within 15 minutes you can rest at the El Babú hotel (Caravia, a town with unique charm), and less than an hour you will also find the charming hotels La Calma (Ribadesella, charming town) and Amada Carlota (Cabranes, another charming town )

<strong> Lastres - Charming Villages in Spain</strong>

2. Nerja - Charming Villages in Spain

More than thirty years have passed since the broadcast of the “Blue Summer” series, but the success of this endearing story has passed generations, who have been able to learn about the adventures of this group of friends and the sad death of Chanquete. The series was filmed in the coastal charming town of Nerja , 50 km from Malaga. A charming town to spend the summer on the beach, as its protagonists did, and get to know its caves. Walking through its streets you can see memories of the series, such as the ship ‘La Dorada’ from Chanquete, located in one of its squares. You can stay at the Hotel Alhaurín Golf Resort (Alhaurín el Grande, Málaga) or at the Casa de los Bates (between Motril and Salobreña, Granada).

<strong>Nerja - Charming Villages in Spain</strong>

3. Peñíscola - Charming Villages in Spain

Surrounded by natural places of great ecological value and dotted with an interesting historical heritage, Peñíscola is another charming town that has been the focus of a well-known television series: “El Chiringuito de Pepe”. This charming town Castellón is famous for the Castillo del Papa Luna, an ancient Templar castle that was converted into a Papal palace and library, located in the impressive Rock of Peñíscola. Although the beach bar was set up exclusively to shoot the series, other scenarios that appeared on the small screen, such as San Roque Street, the lighthouse or the walled enclosure, can be explored. In Peñíscola, scenes from the American series "Game of Thrones" were also filmed. In the province of Castellón, the closest Rusticae accommodation is El Jardín Vertical

<strong>Peñíscola - Charming Villages in Spain</strong>

4. Briones - Charming Villages in Spain

The Rioja town of Briones, a charming town , was chosen to set and roll the “Gran Reserva” series. Here are conspiracies and intrigues of two families of winemakers: the Cortázar and the Reverte. The wine is the main protagonist of the series, and could not be located in another region but in La Rioja, in a charming town like this one. Visit Briones, a small charming town of 1,000 inhabitants located 35 km from Logroño, and stroll through the series stages, such as its streets, vineyards, the Marquis de San Nicolás Palace or the Church of Our Lady of the Assumption. Very close to Briones you can stay at Hospedería Señorío de Briñas or at Hotel Teatrisso, and continue enjoying the good wine of Rioja.

<strong>Briones - Charming Villages in Spain</strong>

5. Pedraza - Charming Villages in Spain

Less than 40 km from Segovia, Pedraza is one of the charming villages in Spain, declared Monumental Heritage . Its well-preserved medieval layout has been responsible for many producers choosing it to shoot vintage series in the last years of this charming town Its Plaza Mayor, its Castle, its wall or its medieval streets, have been the ideal framework for series such as "Toledo", "Isabel", "Red Eagle" or "Land of Wolves". Visit Pedraza and immerse yourself in a fantastic time travel. In the same villa you can rest in a charming hotel: Hospedería de Santo Domingo.

<strong>Pedraza - Charming Villages in Spain</strong>

6. Canet de Mar - Charming Villages in Spain

The popularity of the HBO series "Game of Thrones" has made its filming scenarios have become Pilgrimage Towns for its followers. Spain is no exception and it is possible to do tourism to see the scenarios where the protagonists of the series were, a charming town Charming villages like Girona, Las Bárdenas Reales ... but also other Charming villages less known as the coastal town of Canet de Mar, 43 km from Barcelona. Specifically, the castle of Santa Florentina has been seen in the sixth season of "Game of Thrones." A few minutes away you will find the Hotel Vila Arenys, located in the old town of Arenys de Mar.

<strong>Canet de Mar - Charming Villages in Spain</strong>

7. Candelario - Charming Villages in Spain

Candelario, in the south of the province of Salamanca, in the region of the Sierra de Béjar, is another of the Charming Villages most beautiful in Spain, and the object of a television series. This time its streets have hosted the Antena3 series "Luna, the mystery of Calenda". In fiction it takes the name of Calenda and transforms into a mysterious and hidden town where the existence of werewolves is more than just a legend. Meet the picturesque charming town of Candelario, with its steep streets and well-kept traditional architecture, and keep track of the series' protagonists, starring Belén Rueda. In the province of Salamanca you can stay at Hotel Spa Villa de Mogarraz, one hour from Candelario. Charming villages unique Another closest accommodation in the province of Cáceres is the Hotel El Jardín del Convento, in the town of Hervás.

<strong>Candelario - Charming Villages in Spain</strong>