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Hotel Cardamomo Sigüenza

C/ Cirueches 2 Carabias   19266   Sigüenza  (Guadalajara - Hotels in Spain) Show in map
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"Guadalajara. Dressed in stone and classical tiles with cutting edge supplements."


Hotel Cardamomo Sigüenza. The tiny village of Carabias in Guadalajara lies hidden in the heart of the Alcarria, on the impressive plain dotted with arable land that separates Atienza and Sigüenza. Bathed in silence and surrounded by rocks weathered by time is Cardamomo-Sigüenza charming hotel. The...

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569 €
For 2 Pax / 2 nights

"Discover Sigüenza" Experience

In the experience "Discover Sigüenza" you can discover the historical and cultural Sigüenza with the best guide that will show you all its secrets. Rusticae’s essence awaits you at Cardamomo Hotel where, in addition to staying in one of its rooms with breathtaking views, you may feast at its excellent restaurant and also enjoy in exclusivity the wellness area with Jacuzzi and sauna, ideal for...

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Cardamom Experience in Sigüenza
639 €
For 2 Pax / 2 nights

Experiencia "Cardamomo, sweet as honey"

"Cardamomo, it tastes like honey", is a Rusticae Experience that travels to the most authentic Guadalajara. You will discover the historic village of Sigüenza, with the best guide showing you all its secrets, while enjoy one of our hidden treasures: Alcarria’s delicious honey. We invite you to follow the production process with a local expert beekeeper. Rusticae’s essence awaits you at Cardamomo...

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