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Albacete is absolutely worth a visit, a province to stay and discover its natural spaces, culture and gastronomy. In addition to the La Mancha plain, its geography surprises the visitor with mountainous landscapes such as the Sierras de Alcaraz and the Campo de Montiel, where lagoons emerge like those of the Natural Park of the Lagunas de Ruidera. Nor should we miss the Calar del Mundo and Sima Natural Park, the Cancarix volcanic python or the impressive canyons formed by the Júcar and Cabriel rivers in the La Manchuela region. Albacete capital is a bustling and modern city, with great industrial and commercial importance. Introduce yourself in the Lodares Passage, visit The Cathedral of San Juan Bautista and the Circus Theater. But the province also has other places of interest, where centuries of history are mixed, such as the Roman or Muslim times. Highlights Almansa, Alcaraz, Chinchilla, Alcalá del Júcar or Jorquera. Another attraction zoon its parties, as the Fair of Albacete, the Tamborada and Easter of Hellín, or the Carnival of Villarobledo. At lunchtime, Albacete cuisine reflects the livestock of the area and its variety of wines, among others, the D.O. Wine from Jumilla or D.O. Wine from La Manchuela You have to try the Manchego cheese, the sausages, the lamb stew, the mataero garlic, the atascaburras or the migas ruleras. And in pastries, the miguelitos de La Roda and the fried flowers.