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Hotel La Tierra Roja
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(Caceres, Hotels in Spain)

La Tierra Roja is a rural hotel developed in a 19th century traditional house from the Extremadura village of Aliseda, right in the Sierra de San Pedro...

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Hotel El Turcal
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(Torremenga, Hotels in Spain)

El Turcal hotel was originally a 19th century barn for drying peppers and "tinadas", the refurbishment is striking dictated by the local materials available...

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Finca la Ramallosa
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(Caceres, Hotels in Spain)

Reting in Sierra de Gata. The perfect place to relax and forget about the daily routine, and enjoy of the unique natural areas. An estate of almost 130...

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Are you looking for the best hotels in Cáceres? Rusticae has selected the best Hotels in Cáceres , for the best price. These hotels comply with our high quality requirements, so you´ll be assured to have a very good stay.

Cáceres was founded in 25BC by the Romans, and filled with history! This medieval walled city has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city´s architecture tells alot about its history. Remains of Roman, Moorish, Northern Gothic and Italian Renaissance architecture can be found in Cáceres. There are even cave paintings in the Maltravieso Caves from prehistoric times, including the world´s oldest(!), approximately older than 67.000 years!

Wander through the streets while you discover the history and legacy of this city. Cáceres has four main areas to be explored: the historical quarter, the Jewish quarter, the modern centre, and the outskirts, so there´ll be lots to see!

The province of Cáceres is less than 3 hours from Madrid, and 2 and a half hours from Badajoz.

Enjoy Cáceres and the infinite tranquility of its boutique hotels.