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Ciudad Real is well connected to 2 hours from Madrid, and 7 hours from Barcelona, it has bus stations, RENFE and AVE. This province has witnessed several settlements that have left their mark in form of castles, towers, roads bridges or concentric walls located that can be enjoyed in Herencia, Arroba de los Montes, Puertollano, Solana del Pino, Almaden, Chillon and Fuencaliente, or archaeological sites of the old cities of Sisapo and Jamila.

You cannot miss a visit to the popular mills of the exploits of Don Quixote, Castles Caracuel in Corral de Calatrava, Alhambra castle in Alhambra, Castillo de Miraflores in Piedrabuena Castle Peñarroya Argamasilla de Alba, Castillo de Calatrava la Vieja, the Palace of the council, the Casino or the city of Ciudad Real. Within the geological heritage we have: The site of the Higueruelas, the archaeological site of Calatrava and places caused by volcanic activity that existed years ago.

Nature takes on special prominence in the National Park Cabañeros, Tablas de Daimiel National Park, the Lagunas de Ruidera or the beautiful landscapes of ecological wealth located by the Valley of Alcudia and Sierra Madrona.

The gastronomy is based on rural and pastoral dishes, where is important the manchego cheese, tiznao (pisto manchego), grilled peppers, crumbs or gachas. If you add to all this our exclusive boutique hotels located in the province, Ciudad Real becomes a really tempting offer.


Oficina Municipal de Turismo de Ciudad Real - Plaza Mayor: Plaza Mayor, 1, 13001 Ciudad Real - T. +34 926216486

Oficina Municipal de Turismo de Ciudad Real AVE-RENFE: Avenida de Europa, s/n 13005 Ciudad Real - T. +34 926252993