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Teruel Spain Hotels! Are you looking for Boutique Teruel Spain Hotels? Rusticae exclusively selected the best Teruel Spain Hotels at best prices. Book Online your romantic Hotel room in Teruel Deals!



Teruel Spain Hotels! Are you looking for Romantic Hotels in Teruel? Rusticae exclusively selected the best Luxury Hotels in Teruel at the best prices. Teruel Spain Hotels selected under quality ratings ✅ Book Online Now your Teruel Rural Home Casa Rural en Teruel! Boutique, Romantic & Luxury Hotels in Teruel selected by Rusticae under quality Ratings, service, situation, buildings & customers experiences. The province of Teruel is very well connected, from 3 hours to 4 hours to Madrid and Barcelona, it has bus and RENFE. You cannot miss the unique Aliaga Geological Park, Laguna Cañizar, the Protected Landscape of Pinares de Rodeno or the Natural Park of the Laguna de Gallocanta spaces. If you love skiing, you can practise in the two ski resorts of Jabalambre and Valdelinares, you can sleep near at our Teruel Spain Hotels

Teruel Spain Hotels

Would you like to discover the ancient history of Teruel? This is the land of dinosaurs and the capital awaits the Dinópolis Territory. Here the rock art has been declared a World Heritage Site and you can experience the historic center of Albarracín, in the urban area of the Jewish Quarter of Hijar, in the historic set of Mirambel or Mora rubielos with the best preserved castles in Spain. Also it is worth visiting Calaceite and Puertomingalvo. In the capital of Teruel you might visit the tower of the Church of San Martin and San Pedro, the Park of the Jurisdictions of Aragon, the Cathedral and the Diocesan Museum inside the Bishop's Palace. The province is also the land of the Cid, and you will find those routes described in the Song of the Cid traveled by Don Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar. Ah! and you cannot miss the Cultural Parks of Aragon: The Maestrazgo, Albarracín and Rio Martin. Popular traditions will show you the arrival of spring in the Sanantonadas or May carnivals in Matarraña. You will love ts traditional cuisine: Teruel ham, lamb of Aragon, Calanda peach, saffron Jiloca and all the variety of artisan cheeses. Book Now Online your Teruel Spain Hotels with Rusticae

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Posada de Mosqueruela Romantic Hotel in Teruel

The village of Mosqueruela, presents one of the best examples of medieval octagonal walled construction that is conserved in the turolenses mountains. Posada de Mosqueruela it´s a perfect Romantic Hotel in Teruel. If the layout is exemplary, the urban development of the town is not the least over time, with a high-quality architectural development, whose route we can start at the Plaza Mayor where we find the Parish Church of the Assumption, a complex mixture of Gothic and Baroque. In this environment to the east of the Sierra Gúdar, and located inside the walls of the medieval village, we find this small hotel with charm of Rusticae that takes the name of La Posada de Mosqueruela. This is without a doubt a perfect Boutique Hotel in Teruel in which we can also find important discoveries, among which the Levantine rock paintings declared World Heritage by UNESCO stand out.

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La Posada de Mosqueruela Rural Luxury Hotel in Teruel

Inside this magnificent Luxury Hotel in Teruel, its six spacious rooms have been decorated successfully intermingling an elegant style with more rustic and contemporary elements. This curious combination definitely brings style and warmth to our stay, inviting us incipiently to stay and enjoy everything that surrounds us here. In the Rural House nothing is of more since in each stay we only found the necessary thing without unnecessary additives. In each room of this Boutique Hotel in Teruel, elements and simple details sum to turn each room into a space full of peace and tranquility. In La Posada de Mosqueruela Boutique Hotel in Teruel, we can also enjoy the local cuisine in a restaurant.

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Boutique Romantic Hotel in Teruel La Posada de Mosqueruela

There, in the heat of its chimney, we can enjoy exquisite tasting menus (up to six dishes) that offer us a successful fusion of contemporary and traditional cuisine, always counting on products from the area that can not miss Ham de Denominación de Origin 'Teruel', cheeses or black truffle. Mosqueruela comes from the term "mosquera", which were traditionally the summer pastures for rest and shelter from the heat of transhumant livestock. And that is precisely what we feel after our journey (sometimes long), La Posada de Mosqueruela becoming our refuge for a well-deserved rest. To know more about this hotel, click on the link: La Posada de Mosqueruela Romantic Hotel in Teruel

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Boutique Hotels in Teruel - Rubielos de Mora

Boutqiue Hotels in Teruel - Rubielos de Mora location Back to the province of Teruel we find Rubielos de Mora, a town and municipality of the Gúdar-Javalambre district located about 55 km from the provincial capital. As in other places that we are going to tell you, this town has one of the best preserved ancient urban centers so it won the Europa Nostra prize in 1983. Of the seven entrances that were accessed inside the walled enclosure are preserved two, the portal of San Antonio and El Carmen (old Santa Maria), and inside, we can see how many of the old houses are preserved in the lintels medieval stone carvings that marked the profession of the family that lived there (remember that at that time the professions passed from parents to children, except the clergy) and other symbols whose meaning is unclear, but which is believed to refer to the medieval secret or "discrete" societies to which they belonged.

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One of the most common is the square that marks those members of the guild of stonemasons and master builders later known as Freemasonry (from French maison meaning house). Together with its neighbor Mora de Rubielos, with whom the name is often confused, it is one of the tourist attractions of the region, for its rich history, its medieval routes (among others) and its charm as localities. Come and meet us and book now at one of our Boutique romantic & luxury hotels in Teruel.

Boutique Hotels in Teruel & surroundings

Teruel is one of those provinces of Spain that preserves many of the ancient medieval cities that transport us to the past when we visit them; for its architecture, for its culture and its legends, among which the Lovers of Teruel stand out, in which the unfortunate love story between Isabel de Segura and Juan Martínez de Marcilla is told, which takes us to the beginning of the 13th century. You can find fantastic Boutique romantic Hotels in Teruel & surroundings where you can spend the night, very close to Albarracín Albarracín is among the most beautiful municipalities with a rich history; The town was declared a National Monument in 1961. Its name comes from Arabic, although the origins of it are uncertain, but its history is undoubtedly remarkable.

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Boutique Luxury Hotels in Teruel, Albarracín

Albarracín was conquered (or ceded, it is not known for sure) to the Christian family of Navarre lineage of the Azagra who kept the city de facto independent of the kingdoms of Aragon and Castile from 1170 until it is conquered by Pedro III of Aragon in 1285 after besieging it, since the advantageous situation of the city and its way of being built made it a city. It was almost impregnable. Albarracín is also the mecca of block climbing par excellence, with several sectors where you can practice bouldering, a type of climbing without rope and without height. If you spend or you stay in Teruel we recommend you to visit this beautiful medieval city that everyone will love. We will continue telling you about places to visit in this province.

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