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Hoteles y Casas Rurales de Lujo Rusticae

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Take a well-deserved break! Here you will find our most sophisticated hotels that offer the absolute best service. You can rest assured that your stay will be a unique experience.

These hotels are the cream of the crop, excellently located in stunning historic centers and offering the finest cuisine, art and architecture. They boast state-of-the-art facilities and modern amenities, without compromising the unique individual treatment that Rusticae guarantees for all of its hotel bookings. Even though our luxury hotels are not Paradores, they are just as beautiful and charming and offer the same level of excellent service.

When you book hotels from Rusticae’s luxury hotel selection, you will enjoy elegantly-decorated settings, with special attention always paid to the details: superb amenities, high-quality textiles, relaxed environments for having a drink by the fire or reading in a quiet, private garden corner.

We all deserve to be surprised and delighted from time to time. Hotel reservations made from our proposed collection ensure an elite, luxury vacation worthy of your dreams. Treat yourself today!