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The province of Biscay located in the north of Spain, offers very good communication routes, you can arrive by road in just 4 hours from Madrid, or from Barcelona in less than 6 hours, also has bus stations, RENFE and the international airport of Bilbao. The natural wealth takes center stage in its spectacular beaches of clear waters and virgin environments: Bermeo, Getxo, Arratera-Atxabiribil, surf the longest wave in the world Mundaka, but you can not miss the opportunity to do it in Sopelana, Bakio, or Zierbena. This does not end here! Visit the protected natural area of ​​the San Juan de Gaztelugatxe biotope where you will get incredible views of the landscapes of the Cantabrian coast, the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve, Punta Galea, the Marshes of Lekeitio, Punta Lucero, the Ria de Plentzia, the Bay of Corliz and Cape Billano. The sights of architectural magnificence of Basque land include the Basilica of Santa María and the Salazar Tower in the historic center of Portugalete, the Church of Andra Mari and its riverside area in Getxo, the hermitage of San Pelaio in Bankio or the basilica of the Assumption of Santa María in Lekeitio are a small, unique sample of the Baroque, Romanesque and Biscayan Gothic style. And if you want more cultural heritage, take a tour of old Bilbao and finish at the Guggenheim! Gastronomy is the culmination of this spectacular getaway, where the sea has exquisite products that are profusely used for pintxos. Enjoy the real cod in Biscay, the sea bream on your back or your refreshing Txacolí. Biscay and its charming hotels will catch you ! {family} Check out Juntines the best activities for children in Bizcaia ( and get the most out of the trip. You will find the best places to go as a family, such as comfortable restaurants for children, museums with educational activities or family shows. In addition, to have fun in the hotel you can also find more ideas in the home section ( Your family time is gold, make the most of it! {Family}