Kkala Boutique Hotel
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Las Higueras 104 4400 Salta (Salta - Argentina)

Information: +34 914 879 017

Kkala Boutique Hotel is a home that blends tradition and craftsmanship. It is a charming hotel, decorated with materials, antiques and crafts of the region. Located in the city of Salta, capital of the province, Kkala Boutique Hotel has the advantage of being set in a quiet area of the city. At the foot...

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  • Total Rooms 10

Just for adults

Facilities of property

  • In town
  • Outdoor pool
  • Parking


Almost all rooms offer an unforgettable luxury: a private jacuzzi, built on a hardwood floor terrace next to a huge window overlooking the edges of Salta, where the city ends and the mountains emerge.

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Salta means "beautiful" in the indigenous language. And that is the most appropriate description for the city and the province that share the same name. This mid-sized city in the extreme northwest of Argentina is known for its neoclassical architecture and traditional local crafts of Inca influence. Because of its particular location, the region has enormous climatic and geographic variety. For this reason, the landscapes are very diverse and incomparable: from the vast highlands, through soft and intimate valleys to the splendor of the jungle.

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Las Higueras 104 4400 Salta (Salta - Argentina)