Experience "Estrecho de Magallanes"

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Experience "Strait of Magellan". The Strait of Magellan is the protagonist of the end of the world.

Experience "Strait of Magellan" . - The Strait of Magellan is one of the most emblematic destinations in southern Chile, full of history and resources on which to project one of the most fascinating trips to this corner of the planet. And Punta Arenas is a historic and emblematic city. For many centuries it was the main port in navigation between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, before the opening of the Panama Canal in 1914, being a large commercial center in the southern tip of South America. This has characterized its center, with an outstanding European design in its architecture. The city and the Strait offer endless possibilities to enjoy an unforgettable stay: it is the cultural capital of Patagonia, with its museums and its unique architecture; its restaurants where you can enjoy the most varied gastronomy; its stores, its cafes and its waterfront. Enjoy the Experience "Strait of Magellan" with Rusticae. Enjoy all of our Spainish Experiencias

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