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Discover the World Heritage of Humanity of UNESCO in Madrid (*)

The natural and cultural heritage of Spain is impressive and it is located in one of the most distinguished and resoursed countries with the title World Heritage or the Humanity of the UNESCO. The Community of Madrid houses four of those treasures and those are the World Heritage for its natural and historical characteristics, The City of Alcalá de Henares, El Real Sitio and the Monastry of San Lorenzo of El Escorial and the cultural landscape of Aranjuez and El Hayedo de Montejo. To become part of it, we have designed a very special trip which lets you discover the best of this universal heritage, ¨A Traveller´s Experience¨ of six nights and seven days to get to know the secrets of this legacy for its exceptionality which has featured the common heritage of humanity. We offer a different type of trip to get to know a part of the Madrilean community in another way by seeing places which are essential for its history.


(*) Patrimonio de Madrid es un Proyecto de Colaboración entre Rusticae y la Comunidad de Madrid. Fotos ©Comunidad de Madrid.

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Patrimonio Mundial - Comunidad de Madrid


Day 1:
Arrival in San Lorenzo + Dinner in Restaurant La Genara + Stay in San Lorenzo Suites
Day 2:
Breakfast + Introductory visit to the Historic Helmet + Visit Monasterio de El Escorial + Lunch in Restaurant Montia + Transfer to Silla of Felipe II + Stay in San Lorenzo Suites
Day 3:
Breakfast + Guided visit of the routes of the 16th and 18th century + Visit to Casita del Príncipe + Visit gardens Casita del Infante + Lunch in El Charolés + Transfer to Aranjuez + Dinner in Restaurant Aguatinta + Stay in 4* hotel
Day 4:
Breakfast + Visit to Essential Aranjuez + Lunch in restaurant Casa Jose + Guided visit to the Palace + Entrance in Museum of Falúas Reales + Night route Mysteries y Legends of Aranjuez + Stay in 4* hotel
Day 5:
Breakfast + Guided visit to Jardin del Principe + Lunch in the restaurant El Rana Verde + Guided visit to Casita del Labrador + Transfer to Alcalá de Henares + Nightly visit to La Muralla Encendida + Stay in Parador de Turismo
Day 6:
Breakfast + Guided visit Municipal + Lunch in the restaurant Ambigú + Night visit to ¨Fantasmas, Misterios, and Witches of Alcalᨠ+ Stay in El Parador
Day 7:
Breakfast + Transfer and guided visit to Complutum + Lunch in Hosteria del Estudiante

Features included:

  • 2 Nights in the regime accommodation and breakfast in San Lorenzo Suites (San Lorenzo de El Escorial)
  • 2 Nights in the regime accommodation and breakfast in a 4* hotel in Aranjuez
  • 2 Nights in the regime accommodation and breakfast in el Parador de Alcalá de Henares
  • 1 Dinner in the Restaurant La Genara (San Lorenzo de El Escorial). Wine Cellar not included.
  • 1 Guided instructory visit to the historic set of El Escorial
  • 1 Guided visit to El Monasterio de El Escorial (entrance incluided)
  • 1 Lunch in Restaurant Montia (San Lorenzo de El Escorial)
  • 1 Transfer in a Tuk-Tuk to La Silla de Felipe II
  • 1 Guided visit to Casita del Príncipe (El Escorial). Entrance included
  • 1 Guided visit the the Gardens of Casita del Infante (San Lorenzo de El Escorial)
  • 1 Lunch in El Charolés (San Lorenzo de El Escorial). Wine Cellar not incluided
  • 1 Guided visit to ¨Aranjuez Imprescindible¨. Gardens del Parterre, Gardens del Palacio and the Historical Helmet
  • 1 Lunch in Restaurant Casa José (Aranjuez). Wine Cellar not incluided
  • 1 Guided visit to El Palacio de Aranjuez (entrada incluida) + Entrance in the Museum of Falúas (free visit)
  • 1 Night route ¨Misterios y Leyendas de Aranjuez¨
  • 1 Guided visit to the Garden of Príncipe (Aranjuez)
  • 1 Lunch in El Rana Verde (Aranjuez). Wine Cellar not incluided
  • 1 Guided visit + Entrance in La Casita del Labrador (Aranjuez)
  • 1 Transfer from Aranjuez to Alcalá de Henares.
  • 1 Night visit to La Muralla Escendida of Alcalá de Henares
  • 1 Guided Visit to the most outstanding heritage of Alcalá: Plaza de los Santos Niños, Catedral Magistral, Calle Dan Felipe Neri, Plaza de Palacio, Calle Santiago, Calle Imagen, Exteriores Casa Natal de Cervantes, Hospital de Antezana, Calle Mayor, Plaza
  • de Cervantes, Capilla del Oidor, Universidad, Capilla de San Ildefonso...
  • 1 Lunch in Ambigú Restaurante (Alcalá de Henares). Wine Cellar not incluided.
  • 1 Night visit to ¨Fantasmas, Misterios and Brujas de Alcalá¨
  • 1 Transfer and Guided visit to ¨Complutum¨
  • 1 Lunch in La Hostería del Estudiante (Alcalá de Henares)
  • Transfer to Madrid or Airport
  • Assured of Assistance
  • Personal Concierge Whatsapp

You must know:

  • Patrimonio de Madrid is a project of collaboration between Rusticae and the Community of Madrid
  • It does not include any other services than indicated in the part ¨Included¨
  • The Experience begins at day 1 in the first hotel and always begins at a Tuesday.
  • Rusticae has the right to substitute hotels, activities or restaurants for similar ones due to availability or climate issues.

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