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Hotels in Soria, Spain! Are you looking for Hotels in Soria, Spain? Rusticae exclusively selected the best Hotels in this area at the best prices. Visit Hotels, rural country houses or apartments. Enjoy our exclusive offers of Rusticae Hotels and discover this beautiful city.

Rural House Full Rental Cardamomo Sigüenza

Casa Rural Alquiler Completo Cardamomo Sigüenza

Hotel Cardamomo Sigüenza. The tiny village of Carabias in Guadalajara lies hidden in the heart of the Alcarria, on the impressive plain dotted with...

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Hotel Cardamomo Sigüenza
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Hotel Cardamomo Sigüenza

(Sigüenza - Hotels in Spain)

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Soria has a great historical, cultural and artistic wealth thanks to the different people that have lived here over time. Leaving their mark with buildings, traditions and monuments. Notable towns are Medinaceli, Agreda, Burgo de Osma, Ucero, Vinuesa or Santa Maria de Huertas, without forgetting the remains of Roman cities like Numancia, which symbolized the resistance. Not to forget the city of Soria itself, which has the Monastery of San Juan, the Cathedral, the Church of Santo Domingo, the Castle, the Walls and the Palace of the Counts of Gomara and a network of charming streets perfect to take a walk. The natural environment of Soria is presided by the Urbión peaks, where at its foot is Black Lagoon, an idyllic and magical place. The nice Lobos River Canyon makes the whole family enjoy their views, and can be visited by walking or by horse. Do not forget to visit the Interpretation Center with reproductions of wildlife in the area. Throughout the province there are several sites where you can discover dinosaur footprints and children can dig up dinosaur bones feeling like real archaeologists. Soria is a province of legend, the proof is its popular night of San Juan that is celebrated with great enthusiasm in the capital, and in the town of San Pedro de Manrique where the young men cross a road of burning coals and, they say, those who do it enjoy the immortality. In addition, the province is part of the Camino del Cid route, based on the story of El Cid. Another attraction is its gastronomy of Soria where we find classic dishes like pork, mushrooms and lamb, all accompanied by fine wines from the Ribera del Duero, Origin Appelation. With the arrival of autumn is the perfect time to enter in the world of mycology, and Soria presents itself as a world leader in this area because of the variety of species that exist at the moment, as well as the wide range of culinary fairs and oriented courses to these culinary gems. Turespaña: Patronato de Turismo de Soria: C/Caballeros,17 42002 Soria - T. +34 975 22 05 11 Oficina de turismo de Soria: Calle Medinaceli 2, 42002 Soria - T. +34 975212052

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