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Hotels, full rental rural houses and apartments in Alentejo where you can enjoy one of the most fascinating regions of Portugal.

The essence of Alentejo is that of an untouched beauty and tradition that goes beyond a slow and hedonistic life. The Roman, Arab, medieval and Renaissance footprint has left in the region white houses, high monasteries, fortresses impregnable for time, fishing villages ... All surrounded by an inspiring and diverse nature, from the forest to the shore, from the coast to The hills. Art, linked to that nature, to everyday things and to history, is craftsmanship, indistinguishable from the needs of the countryside or the sea: tiles, cowbells, songs for every occasion. And it is a continuous party for the senses in which tradition is pampered and coexists with avant-garde expressions. This territory of bucolic horizons is best explored on foot, by bike or on horseback, with views of the meadows and the dolphins that play in the estuary of the Sado River. And, putting it all together, a legendary hospitality that translates into accommodations with generous spaces, unforgettable history or avant-garde steel and glass architecture, but, above all, infinite kindness. With an abundant and delicious table in which the best comes directly from the land or the sea to the plate. An emerging wine region yet to be discovered, even tastier and more authentic than the traveler looking for the essentials expects.

Open Air: In this place of plains, crossed by streams, sea and fields that fill our souls with travel and experiences, the beauty of the landscape invites us to walk and do outdoor activities, without a doubt one of the best ways to fully experience the true Alentejo . The offer of services and entertainment equipment is very varied: water activities (dolphin watching, surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, canoeing, kayaking, diving, sailing, fishing) nature walks on foot, mountain bike or jeep, balloon, tasting local products, outdoor sports and visits to museums and monuments. A destination to get active and enjoy.

Culture: In Alentejo , culture is alive everywhere. To immerse yourself in the culture and art of Alentejo, the first step is to walk through the open-air galleries, where history is written in stone. From prehistoric times we take a leap in time and discover imposing castles and fortified villages, dazzling us with the art of the chapels, convents and cathedrals and going, step by step, the many centuries of history that the Alentejo museums have to tell us. It is impossible not to mention its craftsmanship as the summit of its cultural expression: its textiles, painted furniture, pottery, decorative steel objects and pieces made with cork, are to forget about the traditional capes turned into fashion. Living culture without a doubt!

Escape and Wellbeing: The Alentejo offers landscapes that we will never forget, whether in the middle of a plain, on top of a cliff, on a hill or by the sea, perfect places to get inspired and take time to oneself. Pride in the tradition of the Alentejo people is inseparable from caring for nature. Dunes, cliffs, moors and forests are sanctuaries for varied examples of flora and fauna, from migratory birds to otters; from the mint of the riverbank to the esteva. But its well-being is also its beaches, its reserves, walks, routes, and all the activities that can be carried out in this magnificent region.

UNESCO World Heritage: The culture of Alentejo lives in the heart of all humanity and its tangible and intangible assets have been recognized by UNESCO. From the city of Évora with its 95 granite monoliths of the prehistoric Crómlech of the Almendres, the towering columns of the Roman temple and the medieval cathedral built on a mosque, to the star-shaped fortifications of Elvas, the largest in the world. world, with a perimeter of 10 kilometers. Cante Alentajano, one of the intangible assets of Alentejo, is a polyphonic song without instruments, with deep and melancholic accents, which is present in public and private celebrations and is a sign of identity that is transmitted from old to young.

Gastronomy: The Alentejo is a temple dedicated to the art of the table and a paradise for lovers of the Mediterranean diet. Few gastronomic destinations can boast that, on the plate, ranchers, fishermen and farmers are as relevant as cooks. From its Iberian pork, to the conventual sweets, to its powerful varieties of cheese and a marine pantry that could not lead to anything other than unique recipes from the sea and mountains. One would have to be crazy to conceive here something different from slow food or zero kilometer cuisine. They are the hallmarks of a region famous for its good work in Portugal, increasingly recognized in the international media and called to be the next great European gourmet "discovery." Discover here how tradition and modernity go hand in hand in the most exquisite way .

Wines: With more than 250 producers and eight demarcated regions, Alentejo is fertile ground for those who appreciate the best nectars. And it is that Alentejo has been making wines since it was Roman, such as Vinho de Talha, and today it lives its golden age. The variety of terrains and grapes, the beauty of the landscapes and the quality of the most sought after and drunk wines in Portugal, mark the appellation of origin of Alentejo , which protects the entire territory. Traditional wineries that, at their heart, look to the future and ally themselves with technology, promote tastings, tours and nights among vineyards that make unforgettable a huge region that has been described as the new Tuscany or the new Napa Valley. But Alentejo is much more. Much more authentic, much tastier, much more secret. Do you want to discover it?

The hotels, full rental houses and apartments in El Alentejo that Rusticae has, are the perfect starting point to explore one of the undiscovered and most fascinating regions of Portugal.