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Rural Houses for full rent and apartments for events Rusticae, the leading charming accommodation selection club in Spain, recommends the best rural houses and apartments for events.



Rusticae, Spain's leading Club for the selection of charming accommodation, recommends the best rural houses and flats for events. If you are thinking of celebrating a stag or hen party, an unusual anniversary or a birthday with lots of friends, this is your complete guide.

Full rental cottages and flats for events, where to stay and enjoy the perfect event surrounded by family and / or friends. Whether you come with your parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins or grandparents, or if you come with your best friends, your work, gym or university colleagues, you will have a great time, you will want to repeat and you will recommend it to everyone you know.

Who said that organising an event for more than 10 people was easy? The first thing to do is to look for fully rented rural houses and flats for events in view of the fact that we will spend at least one night away from home and that we will all like to be together in the same room. The second thing is to identify and consult different prices and budgets: some will have a more limited budget and others won't mind "going all out", as a day is a day. And the third, and much more important, is to have accommodation with the essential complements to celebrate such an event: open-air picnic area, swimming pool, river nearby, football pitch, simulated bullring for bullfighting, barbecue, children's playground, music system, hammocks, sun loungers, fridges....

Hiring a rural house for full rental and/or a flat for events is a task that almost no one in the group wants to do. Why? It is a hassle when it comes to requesting information from various directories, it entails losing time from your chores to invest it in this, it exposes you to the risk that some of your friends or family members will tell you that you are not looking for what you agreed or what you wanted and, above all, it requires you to be very patient, given that, probably, the date you have chosen to get together is a day in high demand and that many of the rural houses for full rental or flats for events that you choose are already fully booked.

Therefore, Rusticae will try to adapt to your needs and will recommend several options that are linked to your request and that of the rest of the interested group. We have rural houses for full rental and/or flats for events distributed throughout Spain, so you will have no problem in requesting a stay that is located in the mountains, near a large town where there is a disco or near a beach where you can swim freely.

From Madrid, through the provinces of Castilla y León or Castilla-La Mancha and ending with some of the coastal regions to the south, north and east, you will see that Rusticae is present. No region that is attractive in terms of tourism is left out.

Once you have decided on one of the rural houses for full rental and/or flats for events, you can ask us for a quote without obligation or ask for information by phone during office hours, which you can see on our own website. You will probably have doubts about some of them: no problem. We will prepare the relevant information for everything you are interested in.

When you have to organise a stag or hen party or a birthday you also have to consider how the payment of the reservation would be and how the cancellation policies would be in case of any mishap. When you book a full rental cottage and/or flat for events at Rusticae, you won't have to worry about these details: we will give you all the necessary keys and steps to follow so that the booking process goes smoothly.

In short, Rusticae is a very unique online platform: it allows you to book accommodation for romantic getaways or business tourism, but also welcomes customers who choose to celebrate an event in a full rental cottage and/or flat for events. The distinction radiates almost perfect: we welcome all types of customers who want to travel in a special and different way, with a host of special features that other accommodations scattered throughout the Spanish territory would not have.