Rincón del Socorro
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Ruta Provincial 40 Km 83 3470  (Colonia Carlos Pellegrini - Argentina)

Information: +34 914 879 017

Rincón del Socorro is located in the natural reserve of Ibera Marshes. It is managed by the CLT Land Conservation Trust), an institution dedicated to protecting the environment. It has a team of biologists and veterinarians who develop various projects of restoration and reintroduction of fauna. This...

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Facilities of property

  • In the countryside
  • Restaurant
  • Outdoor pool
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Bird watching: Rincón del Socorro is an excellent place for bird watching. With four different habitats, you will see an amazing number of bird species, including endangered species who have taken refuge here. You will learn about their customs, migration routes and problems caused by the degradation of their ecosystems.

Night Safaris: We drive along established roads, looking for foxes, mountain goats, vizcachas and other animals that are active at night. You can go on foot or by truck.

An idyllic place for nature lovers, and those who are interested in horseback riding, hiking, biking or boating

The diversity of Ibera Marshes

Few places in Argentina manage to gather as much biodiversity as found in the Ibera Marshes. Today there is a great initiative to reintroduce species that are almost lost to us. During your stay at the Rincón del Socorro you will easily get a chance to see deer, capybaras, otters, alligators, and guazunchos. With a little luck and patience you might even get to meet a manned wolf. Biologists also hope to reintroduce jaguars, who were last seen around 1930.

Flavors from the Earth

Estancia Rincon del Socorro provides a professional kitchen, where fruits and vegetables from their own garden predominate. The kitchen is organic, with Argentine wines, homemade bread and delicious desserts. Don´t forget we also offer the typical Argentine barbecue.

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Ruta Provincial 40 Km 83 3470  (Colonia Carlos Pellegrini - Argentina)