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Mas de la Serra
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(Fuentespalda, Spain)

It is ironic that it took a British man and not a local to discover this property in the Mas de la Serra corner of Spain. But you have to take your hat...


Hotel Consolación
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(Monroyo, Spain)

You can feel a healthy challenge to globalisation at Consolación small charming hotel. On the one hand it clamours: Yes! Teruel does exist, and El Matarraña...


Hotel del Sitjar
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(Calaceite, Spain)

The hotel Sitjar occupies a large house of the XVIII century next to the old wall of Calaceite in downtown, a place where the historical meets the artistic...

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Know all about Matarraña

The Matarraña is usually considered part of Aragon, but It has clear differences with the rest of Teruel, making it a unique region. Its proximity to the Mediterranean gives it green and lush landscapes, and the Aragonese, Catalan and Valencian influences enrich the history and culture of their people.

This region of unforgettable name is made up of 18 municipalities of valuable architectural and natural heritage. The capital is Valderrobres town located on a hill next to the River Matarraña. Its majestic stone bridge and San Roque gate leading to a pure medieval old town with cobblestone streets, squares and arcades. In the main square stands the Renaissance town hall. Through the streets reachs the castle and the church of Santa Maria La Mayor.

If Valderrobres is the administrative capital, Calaceite is strong>Matarraña´s cultural capital, which historical and artistic heritage is declared Cultural Interest. It is wonderful to walk through its streets showing the golden tone of the stone and brown roofs. It is amazing seeing its mansions, chapels, shrines, portals and its beautiful Renaissance town hall. We should not leave without touring the Calle Mayor, Plaza of Spain, Maella Street ... and visit the Church of the Assumption and the Museum Juan Cabre, heading point of the archaeological excavations in the region.