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Los Rios Region VALDIVIA: Just 20 km from the sea, Valdivia is one of the busiest cities in the south, with its university atmosphere, nightlife, restaurants and craft breweries. It was founded In 1552 by Pedro de Valdivia, who gave his name to the capital of the current Region of Los Ríos. Navigate the Calle Calle river, watch the sea lions in the middle of the waterfront and discover the history of the German settlers in the museums. A few kilometers away, in Niebla, Corral and Mancera Island, you can visit the fortifications that the Spanish conquistadors built in the 17th century to defend themselves against pirate attacks. To enjoy this green region do not miss the Oncol Park, 50 minutes from Valdivia to the coast: ideal for camping, canopy and trekking, until you reach the top of the hill, from where you can behold the sea and the mountains. HUILO HUILO, FOREST AND WATERFALLS: One of the unique characteristics of the Huilo Huilo Reserve, famous for its exuberant waterfalls over 50 meters high, is its humid forest that hosts an enormous variety of endemic flora and fauna, unique in the world, distributed along more than 250 km of paths bordering lagoons, rivers and virgin beaches. Huilo Huilo is a destination that can satisfy even the most demanding travelers. And Huilo Huilo is a kind of outdoor amusement park that is open all year. The winter rains are not an impediment to perform activities such as the famous trekking to "la piedra del encanto", which consists of two hours of climbing until you get an incredible view of the volcanoes Villarrica, Mocho-Choshuenco, Lanin and Lake Pirihueico. In addition, you can practice water sports, sport fishing, docabalgatas or bike rides in the surroundings. DESTINATION SIETELAGOS: The commune of Panguipulli is an incredible destination for tourists who seek to have extreme contact with nature. Because of its privileged location in the Cordillera of the Region of the Rivers, the commune of Panguipulli-Destino Sietelagos, gathers extensive natural areas where it is possible to find a multiplicity of spaces of beautiful natural manifestations, that allow the tourist to enjoy diverse tourist activities. The Sietelagos Destination that has more than 12 thermal centers and constitutes one of the widest and most varied offer of the South zone of Chile with establishments that go from the most rustic to thermal centers with diversity of services, making them apt for all the public, and in which health and enjoyment of nature are combined. The local culture of the commune of Panguipulli, especially representative of the Mapuche culture, is a heritage that is still lived in everyday life. Authentic gastronomy, daily work and traditions are reflected in a variety of products: cheeses, honey, woodwork, looms, cider, jams. In them, the people demonstrate enormous creativity, imagination, ingenuity and talent that characterizes them. Knowing each one of the corners of this commune is an unforgettable adventure that will undoubtedly remain imprinted in your memory. LAKE RANCO BASIN. NATURE AND REST IN THE THIRD LARGEST LAKE IN CHILE Come and discover the crystal clear waters of this wonderful lake and see the fabulous fields that surround it. Lake Ranco and its rivers are ideal for you to rest and enjoy all year round. A unique place hidden between the great Andean mountains and a magical forest. A peaceful corner of our south that you can not miss. Ideal for practicing water sports, especially sports like windsurfing. There are very few lakes like this one where you can visit the whole basin in 360 °, as well as knowing different beaches, viewpoints and cities such as Lago Ranco or Futrono. Enter the mountain range and you will meet Llifén and Lake Maihue, discover the tranquility of the fields and share the meals, crafts and life of the Mapuche and peasant culture in places like Calcurrupe or Illahuapi. Sail the third largest river in Chile on your way to the sea, the river Bueno, where you can practice recreational fishing, kayak rides and boats, as well as discover wooded areas and countless birds. Find the best boutique hotels here!