Hotels in Chile! Are you looking for Chile Hotels? Rusticae exclusively selected the best Hotels in Chile at the best prices. Visit Chile Hotels, rural country houses or apartments. ✅ Enjoy our exclusive offers of Rusticae Hotels in Chile.

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Ayacara Lodge Hotel
Hotels Only Rusticae

(Frutillar, Chile)

Ayacara The Petit Hotel is located in a charming 1900 home in the heart of Frutillar and Llanquihue lake shore . From its privileged location you can enjoy...


La Codorniz B&B
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(Villarica, Chile)

La Codorniz B&B is served personally by Ivan and Cris, who is also the chef of the place. Undoubtedly one of the good things of life is to enjoy a holiday...


Mito Casa Hotel
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(Santiago, Chile)

Set in an Art Deco building in the heart of the city of Santiago de Chile, Casa Mito is a perfect crossroads connecting distant points such as ski resorts...


Patagonia Camp
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(Torres del Paine, Chile)

Patagonia Camp is located on the shores of Lake Toro huge compared to the Paine Massif at kilometer 74 of the new route between Puerto Natales and Torres...


Lemu Lodge
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(Region of Araucanía, Chile)

Located in the region of Araucania, just 24 km from Pucon, Lemu Lodge is a luxury resort from the concept of 'Glamping' (Camping with Glamour). In an environment...


Cuarzo Lodge
Hotels Only Rusticae

(Pichilemu, Chile)

Cuarzo Lodge Hotel, located in Punta de Lobos, known worldwide for its waves and unforgettable landscapes, area is a magical place where you can enjoy...


The Singular Patagonia
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(Magallanes y Antártica chilena, Chile)

Steps from Puerto Natales is located Puerto Bories, where nearly 100 years ago built the Bories Fridge. This industrial complex worked intensely for almost...


Casa Real
Hotels Only Rusticae

(Metropolitan Region, Chile)

Located an hour south of Santiago de Chile and hides from 40 hectares of vineyards, we found the old manor house of Domingo Fernández Concha since 1992...


Tumuñan Lodge
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(Colchagua Valley, Chile)

Located in the Colchagua Valley and the foothills of the Andes, Tumuñan Lodge is a charming hotel where shelter and enjoy nature. Near the city of San...


CasaMolle Villa & Golf
Hotels Only Rusticae

(Región de Coquimbo, Chile)

Located in the Elqui Valley, one of the most unique destinations in Chile, CasaMolle Villas & Golf is presented as an exclusive accommodation for its services,...

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Welcome to Chile Hotels

Hotels in Chile! Are you looking for Chile Hotels? Rusticae exclusively selected the best Hotels in Chile at the best prices. Visit Chile Hotels, rural country houses or apartments. ✅ Enjoy our exclusive offers of Rusticae Hotels in Chile.

Chile Hotels

Chile Hotels selected by Rusticae by Quality and design. Are you looking for Hotels in Chile?

Rusticae invites you to discover an exciting country, full of contrasts. From the Atacama desert to the perpetual ice of the Magallanes Region. You can find the most extraordinary nature in Chile, with thousands of kilometers of coastline and an infinite mountain range. And for your travel, from Rusticae we have selected the best Chile boutique and luxury hotels. Unique accomodations where you can stay and enjoy the best experience.

¡Hotel in Chile Ruca Lodge!

<strong>Chile Hotels Ruca Lodge</strong>

Chile Hotels by Rusticae

The country is divided into five marked geographical and climatic zones.Chile Hotels Rusticae. El Norte Grande (The Great North ) is characterized by the presence of the Atacama Desert, the most arid in the world. In the center, a Mediterranean-like climate with its imposing mountain range and ski centers, as well as an infinity of beaches along the coastline. And its well-known vineyards, from where you can taste some of the most awarded wines in the world. In the south its lakes and volcanoes fascilitate outdoor activities like rafting or trekking. It ends in the Austral zone, in Patagonia and Antarctica, where you can enjoy an imporessive cruise. Chile also dazzles with its wonderful islands, each with thier own characteristics, Easter Island for its archaeological treasures and Chiloé for thier mysticism and particular folklore. Book Now Online ay our Chile Hotels Rusticae

¡Hotel in Chile Weskar Patagonian Lodge!

<strong>Chile Hotels by Rusticae Weskar Patagonian Lodge</strong>

Chile Hotels by Pablo Granell

Once they asked me what Chile was for me. Without thinking about the contest that was like life itself. Pure contrast. Like cold and heat, like love and hate. Extremes that do not touch but approach. And on that road, the serenity of its valleys and lakes, the immensity of its ocean and its vertiginous peaks. This could be Chile. This is Chile for me. "I wanted to stop the time at that precise moment, in which heaven and earth agreed to give me the most beautiful sunset." I read somewhere that the details are not just details, but the essence of things. To be amazed at the majesty of nature in a territory you first see is almost predictable. But to be surprised again and again, without getting used to the beauty of a land, is a visual transgression of the purest romanticism.

¡Chile Hotel The Singular Patagonia!

<strong>Chile Hotels by Pablo Granell The Singular Patagonia Chile Hotel</strong>


Chile Hotels by Pablo Granell

And without further reason I started my trip with a single objective, or rather, with two. The first, that Chile be part of my life. The second objective, that of my camera, so that the memory could be supported by hundreds of moments captured in color or black and white. Patagonia received me with lights and shadows, with the wonderful Campo Santo of Punta Arenas, with the southern highway making me vibrate, with the wind in my face in Puerto Natales. A coffee behind a large window, a fireplace and many thoughts accompanying a smile accommodated at the apex of the lips.

¡Chile Hotel Lodge Nevados de Sollipulli!

<strong>Chile Hotel Lodge Nevados de Sollipulli</strong>

Chile Hotels by Pablo Granell

I wanted to go through everything. Camera in hand and ready for the road, I got lost in the immensity of the Torres del Paine park. I walked hills and trails, smelled nature, touched the earth and photographed every moment. One shot after another, surpassed by my ability to portray so much beauty. I tried to remember each of the words of my friend Pia Vergara, how to focus, to measure light, distance, but above all I remembered her phrase "you will have to come back". And so I did for three unforgettable days.

¡Chile Hotel Uman Lodge Patagonia!

<strong>Chile Hotel Uman Lodge Patagonia spa</strong>

Chile Hotels by Pablo Granell

Enjoy its people and its hospitality. I traveled kilometers of tranquility, I tasted the gastronomy of the place, letting myself be surprised by the imposing building that houses the restaurant of the Hotel The Singular. And every night I observed a sky watered with stars from the Altiplánico Hotel. And it is that every trip deserves a good rest.

I returned with my eyes on the rear-view mirror, rushing the last rays of sunlight before returning to the cosmopolitan Santiago. And with the two objectives fulfilled: a piece of Chile already felt it own and the memory of my camera anxious to be downloaded.

There is a long way to go. The desert, the mountain range, the lakes, the vineyards, the sea, towns and cities. A lot of history to attend to and understand. And the best, many friends to tell. Thank you Pia for enlightening me on this trip to the South. See you at the next one

¡Chile Hotel Bordebaker Lodge!

<strong>Chile Hotel Bordebaker Lodge houses</strong>

Go to a destination where you have much to discover. Rusticae wants to be your host. Therefore we offer you the highest standards of Boutique Hotels in Chile. Rusticae Chile Hotels are waiting for you!