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Hotels in Castellón, Spain! Are you looking for Hotels in Castellón, Spain? Rusticae exclusively selected the best boutique hotels in this area at the best prices. Visit Hotels, rural country houses or apartments. Enjoy our exclusive offers of Rusticae Hotels in this wonderful area.

Hotel Aldea Roqueta Rusticae Culla Castellón
10 reviews

Hotel Aldea Roqueta

AldeaRoquetaHotel is the culmination of a very thorough restoration of an abandoned village initiated in 1995. It is set in a 115,000 m2 estate situated...

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Rusticae charming Hotel Castellón bedroom
7 reviews

Hotel El Jardín Vertical

(Castellon - Hotels in Spain)

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Rural House for Full Rent Mas de les Melgues in Culla
Best rated
3 reviews

Casa Rural de Alquiler Completo Mas de les Melgues

(Castellon - Hotels in Spain)

Maximum room capacity: 6 people

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Know all about Castellon

Castellon is located 4 hourse from Madrid and 2,5 hours from Barcelona by car. It also has RENFE trains and bus stations and ofcourse the Castellon Airport. Castellon offers all kinds of beautiful destinations, a sunny coastline and historical buidlings. Rusticae has selected the best boutique hotels for you! {familia} Consult Juntines for the best activities for children in Castellón ( and get the most out of the trip. You will find the best places to go as a family, such as comfortable restaurants for children, museums with educational activities or family shows. In addition, to have fun in the hotel you can also find more ideas in the home section ( Your family time is gold, enjoy every minute of it! {Familia}

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