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Hotel El Babú
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(Caravia, Spain)

Pilar and Pedro have restored this 18th century old village house in Asturias converting it into a quite unique small hotel. El Babu small charming hotel...

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Know all about Picos de Europa

The Picos de Europa consist of three large massifs: the western massif or Cornión, the central massif or the Urrieles (between Oviedo, León and Santander), and the eastern massif or Ándara. Each one of these massifs hold impressive peaks and places of geographical interest. The highest mountains are located in the massif of the Urrieles, and the highest is Torre de Cerredo.

The landscape of limestone formations is completed by the Sella and Dobra rivers to the west, and the Deva to the east. Since the Picos de Europa are located close to the Atlantic and Mediterranean seas, a diverse range of flora and fauna finds its home here. The oak, the ash, the walnut tree or the birch are abundant in this area. As for its fauna, the chamois, the bear, the wolf, the otter, the wild boar, the trout, the Egyptian vulture, the golden eagle or the griffon vulture are natural residents of this region.

The Picos de Europa include charming towns and villages in the provinces of Asturias, Cantabria and León, so there is a lot to choose from! In Cantabria you have to visit the municipality of Camaleño and the monastery of Santo Toribio de Liébana. The town of Mogrovejo, declared a Site of Cultural Interest and Historic Site; the town of Potes in the region of Liébana; and Lebeña, with its church of Santa María should not be missed!

In Asturias, Cangas de Onís with its Roman bridge and the lakes of Covadonga is essential. Las Arenas and its church of Santa María de Llas, Berodia and its palace of Diaz Iguanzo or Carreña; Cuñaba, San Esteban, Merodio or Panes in Peñamellera Baja are definitely worth a visit too.

On the other hand, in León, the municipalities Posada de Valdeón, famous for its cheeses, and Oseja de Sajambre are part of the Picos de Europa National Park. In addition to visiting the towns and its monuments, the Picos de Europe invites you to take part in active tourism, climbing, trekking, canoeing down the Sella, 4x4 routes or canyoning.

The destination Picos de Europa is very complete, it also holds a delicious local cuisine The list is very wide: sausages, red veal, wild boar, deer, kid, trout, salmon, spider crabs, sea bass, apple compote, fabada with clams and, of course, the cheeses. The cheese stands out in Cabrales, Los Beyos, Gamonéu, Valdeón or Peñamellera. And to drink, what better to toast with Asturian cider or with Liébana pomace.

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