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Hotels in Asturias, Spain! ✅ Are you looking for Hotels in Asturias, Spain? ✅ In Rusticae we exclusively selected the best Hotels in this area at the best prices. Visit Hotels, rural country houses or apartments. Enjoy our exclusive offers of Rusticae Hotels in this northern community

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El Gran Sueño
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(Pintueles, Spain)

Hotel El Gran Sueño is exactly as it is called; a dream, fruit of a thousand travels, that owners Dave and Javier encountered. We searched the perfect...


Hotel Pleamar
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(Asturias, Spain)

Hotel Pleamar is situated in a small fishing village, Puerto de Vega, Asturias. The beaches are located about 2 kilometers away from the hotel, nearby...


Hotel El Babú
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(Caravia, Spain)

Pilar and Pedro have restored this 18th century old village house in Asturias converting it into a quite unique small hotel. El Babu small charming hotel...

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Best boutique hotels in Asturias

The charming boutique hotels of Rusticae allow you to discover the special places of of Asturias and enjoy every second of your stay.

How to get there? Asturias is easy to reach, the network of highways is perfectly connected. The hotels are about 4 hours from Madrid and about 2 hours from Bilbao. Asturias is known for its rugged terrain, which makes up for a beautiful scenery along the way. Exciting stages of La Vuelta have been held in this area, which always created a great promotion for this area.

What to see and visit in Asturias? The Rusticae boutique hotels are located in the best places to discover Asturias. Oviedo, Gijón, Avilés, Llanes, Descent of the Sella, Cudillero, Ribadesella, Lastres, Tazones ... All unique and interesting places to visit.

The cave paintings of the Caves of Tito Bustillo, the Jurassic Museum of Colunga or the important pre-Romanesque monuments like Santa María del Naranco or San Miguel de Lillo are not to be missed...

Gijón, Oviedo and Avilés are the most important cities of Asturias and they have a great cultural offer.

  Where to stay in Asturias? Our Hotels in Asturias will allow you to stay in style, in the best places and at the best prices.

What are the best beaches in Asturias? Among the 10 most beautiful beaches in Asturias are; Poo Beach, LLanes, Gulpiyuri, El Silencio Beach, Xagó, Torimbia, Cuevas del Mar, La Concha de Artedo ....

Where are the best parties in Asturias? La Semana Negra in Gijón, Descenso del sella, Carmín de la Pola, Fiesta de los huevos pintos, Descenso del Nalón.

When to visit Asturias? Really any month of the year is a good option to visit Asturias.

Where to stay in Asturias? Some of our Hotels in Asturias are: Hotel Pleamar, Quinta de Villanueva, Casona de la Paca, Torre de Villademoros, Havana LLanes, El Babú ...

How are the Rusticae hotels in Asturias? Our premium selection of Hotels in Asturias assure the highest quality and service. We always show you the best Hotels that comply with our quality criteria.

Asturian Gastronomy When travelling to Asturias, you really can not miss the delicious gastronomy. Here you will find the best local products like: beans, sea fruits and fish from the Bay of Biscay, the best veal, or cheeses such as Cabrales, Gamonedo or La Pear and delicious desserts such as arroz con leche, casadielles, or frixuelos.

Visit Asturias with children Are you looking for Hotels in Asturias to come with children and family? Our establishments meet these requirements, so that your stay with family or children will be perfect.

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