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Almería, 6 hours from Madrid, 7 and a half hours from Barcelona and 4 hours from Sevilla. It holds great cliffs, perfect waves for surfing, long beaches like Playa de los Muertos, Playa de los Barquicos and Playa de los Cocones or Playa de la Galera, and the volcanic Playa la Granatilla. Always warm weather and great boutique hotels! But also its interesting desert which contrasts with the Natural Parks of Sierra María-Los Vélez and the Natural Park of Cabo de gata-Níjar. Very rich fauna, deserted beaches and impressive caves. Almería also has a rich history based on Muslim culture. Discover the history of the karst caves of Sorbas near to Mojácar, or the 18th century lighthouse Mesa Roldan which leads us to Aguamarga for a quiet fishing spot. Reach Almeria from Almeria airport, its extensive network of roads and highways, the intermodal station with passenger seaport, RENFE or bus station. Imagine being able to enjoy this landscape variety, Mediterranean forests, desert, sea while staying in boutique hotels .... A perfect combination! {Family} Look at Juntines the best activities for children in Almería ( Find the best places to go with family, restaurants adapted for children, museums with educational activities or family shows. In addition, to also have fun at the hotel you can find more ideas in the house's section ( Your family time is gold, enjoy of it! (family) Turespaña: Municipal Tourist Office of Garrucha - Almería: C/ Paseo del Malecón, 42 - T. 950132783