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Rusticae, the leading Boutique Hotels Selection Club in Spain, recommends the best hotels, full rental rural houses and apartments near ski resorts so that you can enjoy your favorite sport alone or in the company of friends or family.



Hotels, full rental houses and ski apartments: enjoy sliding through the snow and rest in the most select places, selected by Rusticae, the leading boutique hotel selection club in Spain.

We are talking about one of the most beautiful sports in terms of aesthetics, as well as the incomparable setting where it is practiced. We glide through snow-covered mountains from where the view is recreated in majestic landscapes. By practicing skiing we achieve a strong development of our physical condition, we discover new environments and we relax and feel freedom.

skis were used in the Scandinavian countries five thousand years ago: they were the most appropriate means of individual transport to move in snow-covered areas. The first historical reference to skiing did not arrive until 3000 BC. It is a feldspar stone carving discovered on the Norwegian island of Radöy. In it appears the figure of a hunter with skis. Several millennia later, in the year 500 after Christ, the Byzantine historian Procopius left the first written testimony of this practice: a race on the snow between inhabitants of a Nordic town. It was trade relations between countries, as well as contact between travelers and emigration phenomena that caused skiing to spread through central Europe, Canada, the United States and Japan.

The Winter Olympic Games have been held since 1924 and the World Ski Championships since 1931. Both competitions contributed to the notoriety and status of the practice, which has continued to grow to this day.

skiing has also had its place in the history of the seventh art. We remember some of the films in which this sport has had a small or large plot.

Ski Patrol (1940)
This war movie is the only Hollywood movie about the Winter War, which broke out when the Soviet Union attacked Finland on November 30, 1939, three months after the start of World War II. The beginning of the plot lies in the fight between two rival skiers, one Russian and the other Finnish, competing in the 1936 Olympic Games.

The science of sleep (La Science des rêves) (2006):
Michel Gondry's experimental film, starring the acclaimed Charlotte Gainsbourg and Gael García Bernal, mixes stop motion animation technique with traditional filming. Set in a typical Parisian "banlieue" neighborhood, it alternates the drama of a monotonous life with the comedy of dreams experienced by the character of García Bernal.

Lost in the snow (Into the white) (2012):
This anti-war drama based on true events is set in World War II. It narrates the coexistence of the crews of two enemy planes killed in combat against each other, one German and the other English, over Norwegian territory that are in the solitude of a refuge from the Lapp winter.

The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014):
The Wes Anderson comedy, whose script is based on a story by Anderson and Hugo Guinness inspired by the writings of Stefan Zweig, stars Ralph Fiennes, who plays the "concierge" of a prestigious European hotel involved in a murder plot. Although she was nominated at the Oscars for the highest awards, she had to settle for four technical awards.

The hotels, full rental houses and apartments near ski resorts that Rusticae has selected are the perfect starting point to combine the enjoyment of sport with rest in the most exclusive accommodations.