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Full rental rural houses and apartments with Jacuzzi, where you can enjoy the perfect getaway alone or with someone, relaxing in a wonderful Jacuzzi .

Hoteles con Jacuzzi en habitación Any time of the year is perfect to get away and go on vacation alone, as a couple or family. Surely the experience is complete if you can enjoy a moment of relaxation and disconnection in a jacuzzi. How to prepare this relaxing moment? We recommend that you take your time and follow our advice so that that moment and that space becomes a haven of peace, health and tranquility.

1.- Relaxing environment
You don't have to have a large Jacuzzi to enjoy the feeling of a spa treatment. What you should keep in mind before starting: put your mobile in airplane mode (the avalanche of messages we are receiving these days only adds to stress) and prepare the lighting with dim light or candles. Play relaxing music.

2.- Prepare the Jacuzzi
For a 'spa effect', turn on the hot water tap to create as much steam as possible. With this you will be able to open the pores of the skin so that they begin to purify themselves. Enjoy this moment by taking a few moments to breathe deeply to begin to relax.
For the Jacuzzi, add a few drops of oil or bath gel to the water and immerse yourself in it. Choose cosmetic products that have a formula with ingredients that induce relaxation, such as lavender, and do not remain submerged for more than 15 minutes, as excess heat can cause a drop in tension, in addition to softening the skin more than recommended.
Our proposals:

Bath foam: is a basic element of the bubble bath. There are specific ones, although they are nothing more than soaps with a high capacity to create foam, and that implies that they are soaps with many chemicals. In case something more natural is preferred, you can use a low-foam soap (or none at all) and get the bubbles with bath salt bombs, for example. In any case, the effect of the foam can be enhanced with the addition of an egg white, which helps to keep the bubbles.

Bath salts: It is a type of substance that resembles common salt but incorporates other substances, such as magnesium or glycerin and that have different actions on the skin during bathing, among they make it less permeable and allow longer baths, as well as antiseptic, exfoliating and astringent properties. Currently these salts can be found for sale both in salt format and united in water pumps, that is, compressed into solid objects that, when in contact with water, enter into effervescence and cause a notable bubbling. Kits and molds can also be purchased to create our own effervescent pumps.

Essential oils: oils that contain the essence of different plants and that are beneficial for the body. Adding some to the bath water can help us relax, relieve tension or various pains and, in addition, it will give the bath a wonderful aroma

3.- Exfoliation
It is time to begin exfoliation. You can use a specific brush or glove or an exfoliating product that gently removes dead cells.

4.- Facial mask
You can apply a facial mask on your face, taking advantage of the fact that the skin is currently ready to better absorb the active ingredients.

5.- Cold water
Before exiting the Jacuzzi, take a shower alternating hot and cold water to stimulate circulation, and once outside, wrap yourself with a towel to dry yourself.

6.- Hydration
Take a couple of minutes before applying the moisturizer with a full body massage.

7.- Relaxing infusion
Finish the spa session with a roiboos infusion or a detox juice, which will comfort you and help you get back to the rhythm of the day.

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