The top 10 most reserved hotels in the first semester of 2022

Do you want to discover the most reserved accommodations for the first 6 months of the year?

In position number 10 we have La casita de Cabrejas, a small hotel in Jábaga (Cuenca) wrapped in a large mantle of pines and with already more than ten years in the club.

The ninth position is for the Del Sitjar hotel, in the heart of Calaceite’s main square, a beautiful village in the Matarranya, known as the Spanish Tuscany.

Also in the Matarranya turolense is Consolación, an accommodation in which its cubic rooms and glass walls stand out among pine and cascarra mountains.

Barosse, in seventh place, is a signature hotel in the Pyrenees of Huesca, a step away from Jaca, a resting space designed for adults, where the delicacy of small details emerges in corners of marked personality.

In the sixth position we have a reference hotel for weddings, social and business events a step away from the center of the Navarrese capital, Pamplona Hotel del Toro, history and modernity in a rural setting.

In the middle of the table, Alcoba del Rey de Sevilla is next to the basilica of the Virgin of La Macarena, an unbeatable location in the capital of Seville to enjoy all year.

In the fourth position we go to Jerez de la Frontera, the fifth most populated city in Andalusia, where Tío Pepe, the first hotel in Jerez located in a winery, also right next to the cathedral and the fortress.

Closing the podium of the most reserved hotels La Casa del Rector, an oasis of relaxation in Almagro, the world capital of baroque theatre, with the only corral of comedies of that era that is preserved intact and in perfect use.

The second position in the classification is for the Cardamomo hotel, a step away from Sigüenza, in the small village of Carabias, with magnificent views of the La Mancha countryside with its cereal fields, oak and mastic and its magical coloring.

 The top 10 most reserved hotels in the first semester of 2022

And in the first place we find Teatrisso, a beautiful little hotel in Cuzcurrita de Tirón (La Rioja), to travel through time and the arts: in the 20s and 30s its walls hosted the first film projections in black and white, the joy of the theatre on its stage of tables or the joy of its ballroom.

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 The top 10 most reserved hotels in the first semester of 2022