Become a member of Rusticae´s Family?

Do you own or run a hotel or self-catering place in Spain, Portugal, Morocco or another country in the Mediterranean?
We love to have in our family properties managed with charm, love and passion. If so call us on +34 91 8596380. Ask for Isabel Llorens, Rubén or Veronica. For the digitally determined there’s an online form below. We will send you a nice dossier which explains in two pages the benefits of being with us.
However, we can help you if your objectives are:

  1. Gain highly qualified traffic and segmented straight to your site
  2. Increase your organic position in Google (SEO)
  3. Identify with a close Target for your hotel
  4. Have The best agreements with distribution channels, technologies Partners and save costs
  5. Increase your business with our Gift Card Program

If you want to improve your product quality check our Consulting services.