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This cash card is charged with a chosen amount. The recipient will be able to make use of that balance in hotel nights and other services (it is mandatory to at least spend one night at the hotel) at a selection of more than 200 Rusticae boutique hotels in Spain, Portugal and Morocco.

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8.6 Based on 20 comments

  • Miguel



  • Llame dos veces previas a la compra, en todas ellas me resolvieron las dudas que tenía, con una amabilidad exquisita. Muchas gracias
  • Angeles



  • There are no comments available for this review.
  • Ana



  • Hauria de tenir la possibilitat de tenir tot el text del mail en català. És l'idioma de la persona a qui li regalava.
    Rusticae's reply
    Moltes gràcies pel teu comentari, prenem bona nota i mirarem de resoldre-ho com abans millor.

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