1Business Meetings

Rusticae offers a selection of hotels and spaces in both the city and the countryside that are adapted to the needs of every kind of event: personalized and flexible organization, modern and complete facilities, a peaceful environment, leisure activities and the chance to enjoy private space all to yourselves.
Use our search tool to find the hotel/space that best suits your needs.

2Cobranding opportunities: Services for your business

How can we help you get the most out of your business? Advertise your company through different Rusticae media and reach a large number of potential customers. Associate your product with a premium brand like Rusticae.

Nonconventional actions


Do you want our guests to try your products?

Tryvertising is the answer. Our guests can try your products in our hotels, in a relaxed and happy setting, therefore associating the products with an unforgettable experience. Take advantage of this unique opportunity!



Great incentives and gifts for your business associates, your best customers and your team. Our gift cards make us different from our competition because they can be consumed 365 days a year, in establishments carefully selected by Rusticae. Also, there is no fine print!


Give your products to our VIP customers

We have a highly qualified database (entrepreneurs, CEOs, politicians ...) who will receive a gift box with your product together with the Rusticae Hotel Guide in an elegantly presented package. Your product will arrive directly on their office desks.


We organize customized meetings and corporate events

We deliver the uniqueness of our Rusticae brand to your most important events.

Conventional advertising media


Increase the visibility of your brand in our Rusticae Guide

Design guide of small charming hotels in Spain, Portugal, Morocco and Argentina. Designed by Andrew McConochie.


Generates impacts among the users of www.rusticae.com

Website in both Spanish and English.


The Goodlife Magazine

A special magazine that deals with the good side of life. Art, culture, literature and travel. Associate your brand with the Rusticae lifestyle.


Be seen by over 50,000 members

Our Guest Loyalty Club will give you great visibility.