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Know all about Montseny

Natural Park of Montseny, the oldest Natural Park in Catalonia and which was named in 1978 Biosphere Reserve by Unesco.

But if nature in the Montseny region is beautiiful, all the towns that make up this region ​​of extraordinary beauty, are no less.

A walk through the Montseny region offers countless encounters with its history: castles, Iberian walls, dolmens, monasteries, Romanesque churches and hermitages. And with the holidays and traditions: pilgrimages, fairs, meetings ...

When you get to know this region, the words of Pere Ribot make more sense than ever: "I have found my place and my freedom: the mountain, the water, the meadow, the air, the air of Montseny. Each precipice, each crestón, mystery of solitude: the pair, the man, the herd, the air, the air of the Montseny. Everything is pure, sweet and firm and strong as eternity: silence, peace and combat, the air, the air of Montseny. "

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