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Most visited Rusticae hotels! The country houses, hotels, accommodations and apartments that have been most visited! Are you looking for Rusticae Hotels, Country houses, chalets, lodgings or apartments that have been visited the most? Rusticae has selected them for you, have a look!

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Hotel Barosse
Hotels Only Rusticae

(Huesca, Spain)

The Huescan Pyrenees are a world of intense emotions, and southern Jaca a window to the Collarada and Pala de Ip peaks. Barosse is a small, charming hotel...

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Hotel Finca el Pao
Hotels Only Rusticae

(Alicante, Spain)

Hotel Finca el Pao is a Xixona romantic rural house, Adults Only, perfectly integrated in the midst of nature, with breathtaking views over Serra del Cabeçó...

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Hotel Pleamar
Hotels Only Rusticae

(Asturias, Spain)

Hotel Pleamar is situated in a small fishing village, Puerto de Vega, Asturias. The beaches are located about 2 kilometers away from the hotel, nearby...

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Hotel Nabia
Hotels Only Rusticae

(Candeleda, Spain)

In the heart of the Tiétar Valley, on the south side of the Sierra de Gredos mountain range very close to the Virgen de Chilla shrine, this wonderful...

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Box Art La Torre
Hotels Only Rusticae

(Madrid, Spain)

Just half an hour from Madrid, placed in Sierra Guadarrama, you can find this wonderful palace from the early twentieth century, now completely renovated...

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Hotel Casas do Coro
Hotels Only Rusticae

(Guarda, Portugal)

Casas do Coro, located in Marialva, the most historic village in Portugal encircled by a centenary wall, consists of a group of three traditional buildings....

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